Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday - the 8th day of the Christmas Swap

Wow!  I was finally wrong on my guess for this gift.

I felt it and wondered if it was a candle by the shape and size.  Which was confusing because Evelyn and I had talked about the Asthma issues at my house, which means I can't burn scented candles :(  but I thought maybe she found a scent-less one that was perfect.
To my surprise and dismay I received an awesome gift.  A gift that is much appreciated and needed by my sore dry hands.

I love Aquaphor!!!!!  The winter months are always hard on my hands.  The cold and dry weather here in Nebraska are terrible.  It also doesn't help having little children, which leads to constant hand washing.  Me and my hands want to say thank you Evelyn, you are the best.

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