Thursday, December 16, 2010

What did I get on the 4th day of the Christmas Swap???

Well, you all ask....what did you get on the 4th day of the Christmas Swap?

 First of all I want to say my partner Evelyn is awesome.  I am so glad I was paired with her.  And thanks to Evelyn and her last two posts, I gave in tonight and let my youngest son open one of the gifts for me. 

He was so excited to "ope" as is says.

I just want to let everyone know my son does have eyes!  The more photos I took trying to prove that fact.  The more fun he had teasing me and not opening his eyes.
 It was so much fun watching Gabriel open the gift.  It took him a very long time, as he is my neat freak.  Every piece of paper he tore off, had to be set down in a certain spot, so it could be thrown away later (I think Christmas gifts are going to be interesting this year with him).

Gabriel knew what to do right away with the ornaments.  He told me he needed to mix and cook with them.  Then he hung them on the Christmas tree.
Evelyn definitely has been checking out all my posts about my Christmas Baking this year...she sent me two beautiful and touching Christmas ornaments.

They look perfect on my tree.  They are so fitting and I absolutely love them.  Thank you so much Evelyn. 

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  1. I think I did too many baking things. I know you are more than holiday baking. Sorry! They were just too perfect. My girls loved them. They were convinced they were little toys to cook with. SOunds like you might have the same dilemma at your house now. Haha!


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