Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let the 12 Days Of Chirstmas Swap BEEEEGGGGGIIINNNNN!!!

I am so excited to say the 12 Days of Christmas Swap Officially began at my house today.  I didn't have the will power to wait until Monday :)  I feel like such a child and LOVE IT!

This is my first Blog Swap and I think I am in store for an excellent matched partner - Thanks Evelyn and Sami - especially Evelyn since your my awesome partner.

I just want to say first of all Evelyn is so thought full and a poet - just in case she didn't know it (hey - I just rhymed too!)

So on the #1 Day of the Swap I received.....

I shiny new red bundt pan (I know that will be getting some good use very, very soon), a bag of chopped Pecans and a box of Butterscotch Pudding. 

So do I have any of you curious??  Well I am so excited to share that the red and green colored papers in the photo are two NEW recipes for me to try.  I love new recipes - especially when they are passed down to me from someone special (My very 1st Swap Partner).  I can't wait to blog about the new Sticky Buns - I am going to be making in my NEW bundt pan with the included ingredients.

What will tomorrow hold?  I guess we will all have to wait and see.....


  1. I am guessing you are making yummy monkey bread, it is a new holiday tradition given to us by a neighbor for xmas breakfast.

  2. Can't wait to see how these recipes work out for you! I just knew I had to share something that had to do with baking! :)

  3. I'm participating in this WONDERUL swap also! I'm expecting my package to arrive tomorrow. I CAN NOT wait! =)

    Thanks for visiting my lil ol blog~


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