Sunday, April 22, 2012

The FruitGuys for Mother's Day Review. Healthy Snacking and Eating Healthier Delivered Direct to your Door.

I can't think of a better way to end Earth Day than to share an amazing experience I have had with an earth friendly business.  Plus, with Mother's Day around the corner...what a perfect gift for any health minded mom...

Don't worry if you or your Mom does not like Fruit.  The FruitGuys offer an amazing assortment of Farm-fresh Vegetables.  Or if you are like me...a combination of amazingly fresh fruit and veggies.

The FruitGuys work solely with small, local farms across the US.  By purchasing a fresh box of fruit & veggies, just fruit or just veggies from The FruitGuys you are helping these small farmers survive and also helping to feed the less fortune.  Yes, the perfect gift, especially for Mother's Day as this gift keeps on giving; In fact, with the help of The FruitGuys customers, they are able to donate over 300,000 pounds of fruit to food banks per year!  Wow, what a awesome your family and yourself eat in return help the less fortunate.  It is a win, win situation for everyone!!

It is so refreshing to find a company who truly cares for the small and local farms and wants to make healthy eating easier for all of us at home, at work, at school and even to share as gifts (hint...hint...Mother's Day!!)  The FruitGuys make eating healthy convenient and affordable.

My family and I were thrilled when our box from The FruitGuys arrived for our review.
Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies delivered directly to our door in pristine condition.

We were all excited to see what produce was going to be inside.  If you are not wanting a surprise you can look on The FruitGuys website and type in your area code and see what may be in your fresh assortment for the week.
So, what was inside our The FruitGuys box???  If you have very good eye sight you can read right on the sheet that was included with our assortment.  This sheet was so much fun.  It let us know what each item was, just in case you didn't know and where it came from (including the city, state and what farm).  It also shared some information on featured items in the box and recipes , including a link to The FruitGuys website with more recipes to try.  What a perfect way to eat healthy and try new recipes with all the ingredients inside. 
Look at our bounty thanks to The FruitGuys.  It was truly a work of nature's art and perfection to our palettes.  The bright greens, orange and red made all of us smile.  My boys squealed in delight.  They began to bicker over who was going to eat the apples and oranges first.
 Granny Smith Apples from Stemilt Growers in Pasco, WA.

Pixie Tangerines from Churchill Orchard in Ojai Valley, CA and Pink Lady Apples from Stemilt Growers in Pasco, WA. (also Navel Orange from Sespe Creek Organics in Fillmore, Ca.)
The Hass Avocados form Tomorrow's Organics in California were so buttery and fresh.  They were delicious to enjoy right out of the shell.
We enjoyed the celery from Deardorff Family Farms in Oxnard, CA in a light pasta salad for supper. 

I can't wait to try the Red New Potatoes from Tomorrow's Organics in CA in my smashed potato recipe that incorporates fragrant garlic and light olive oil.

The two bunches of Romaine Lettuce from Earthbound Organic Farm in Carmel Valley, CA was enjoyed by everyone in a healthy salad.  This Romaine was so crisp and fresh.  It truly was the star!
The bunch of fresh Oregano from Savory Sensations in Woodstock, IL was like perfume.  Its aroma was so powerfully beautiful.  I can't wait to try it in my homemade pasta sauce.

And now my husband is wondering when I am going to make homemade cornmeal muffins, since The FruitGuys also included a fresh bag of Fine-ground white cornmeal from The Sisters Garden in Kankakee, IL. 

I must admit I have never prepared beets before today.  The Red Baby Beets from Coke Farm in San Juan Bautista, CA were beauties.  I wore gloves to prevent my hands from staining.  I peeled this tender veggies and sliced them before placing them in boiling water.  I was in awe how beautiful the slices of beet were.
We enjoyed them with a little salt and pepper....perfect! 

What are you waiting for...oh, are you just wiping the corners of your mouth for looking at all this fresh and flavorful produce?

Head on over to The FruitGuys on Facebook and Twitter...or get busy and place your order today!  Make your Mother's Day special this year.  I know I would love another box to make my day extra healthy and special.

Disclaimer: The FruitGuys provided me with free
samples of these products to review. I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.


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