Monday, April 16, 2012

Gak 101 recipe and The Clorox Lounge and The Last Comic Sitting Contest

I was thinking the other day (actually laughing).  Wow, I have done some pretty crazy (or stupid) things trying to save money.  Anyone who is a Mom, I am certain can relate.  It always seems like pay day is never going to come and even when it arrives, the check is already spent on bills, bills and more bills.

But, even when money is tight I always enjoy a great recipe, especially if it transforms into something fun and gross for my three boys to enjoy and play with.  I have made homemade play dough many a times, which is loved by them all.  If I would have known how my next science experiment was going to turn out (or not); I should have just quit with the play dough and called it good (no not just good, but great). 
So, who wants to hear how this fateful and frugal “recipe” backfired with my boys?

Before I give the punch line to my recipe madness, I want to share another place everyone should go check out for a lightening of your parental hearts. 

The Clorox Lounge is the place to go.  I love this fun and light hearted online stop for all Moms out there.  The Lounge is hosted by Sherri Shepherd.  She is mom, just like you and I, plus a very funny comedian and actress.  I truly have been enjoying the fun contests, fabulous giveaways (win $10,000 in the Last Comic Sitting Sweepstakes!), anecdotes, gut busting laughs like the Ode to the Commode campaign and coupons (any frugal mom like me…LOVES coupons).

Okay, I have my courage up to share my Family Frugal Fiasco.  Drum roll pleasssse…..

First let me start with the faitful recipe for Gak.  Yes, the word Gak now sends shivers down my spine. 

All you need for this simple recipe is some white glue (school glue), water, borax soap and food coloring.
Place 8 oz. of white glue into a mixing bowl.

Add 8 oz. of warm water into the bowl with the glue.

Stir the water and glue together with a spoon until it smooth.

Mix 1/2 cup warm water and 1 tsp. borax in a small cup or bowl.  Stir until the borax dissolves.

Pour 1 tbsp. of the borax solution into the mixing bowl with the glue/water mixture. Stir it together with a spoon until it starts to thicken.

Continue to add the rest of the borax solution to the mixing bowl 1 tbsp. at a time. Make sure to continuously mix the ingredients with the spoon while adding each tablespoon of the borax solution.

Stop adding the borax once the Gak reaches the consistency you want. The more borax you add, the firmer it becomes.

After your Gak is how you and your children like it add a small amount of food coloring to add some flare.  The key word is small amount!!!

Well, being a mom who sometimes over does it with my children….a small amount of food coloroing has got to be good, but a big amount will definatly be better and brighter and cooler to play with, right???

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Of course I picked gross, grusesome green to be the festive color of our very inexpersive (cheap) Gak.  Let’s just say my boys were excited and thrilled at the chance to play with their gak.  They thought it was so yucky and gross and cool!  I was the best mom in the whole world at that moment of Gakeyness.
It felt so good to be loved by my boys.  They were so occupied by the world’s best homemade gak that I left the room to do some laundry and wash dishes.  Oh, did I forget to mention they were at the kitchen table playing.  And….the diningroom floor under our kitchen table is light colored carpeting….

I already hear the gasps and snickers from all you mom’s out there.

There I was busy doing the dishes and enjoying listening to my boy’s squeals and laughter.  What a perfect and frugal day! Until……..

Dun’t, Dun’t Daaaa…..
I walked into the dining room.  Did you know at that moment, I just wanted to curl up into a ball and start crying, but all I could do was laugh (for a very, very short time).  My darling boys decided to have a gak fight, with their BRIGHT GREEN gak.  There was gak everywhere!!!  It was on the walls, the floor ground into the light carpet and all over the boys.

At that point I knew, a little bit of food coloring would have been a MUCH, MUCH better idea!!  Note to self…DON’T forget that next time.

I spent the next four hours attempting to somehow transform my light colored carpet back into shape, instead of it looking like Ghostbusters had just exterminated a protoplasmic orb.

Okay, when you are all done laughing at my gak adventure…I would love to hear your Frugal Mom Experience that Back fired.

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