Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Find&Save Just in time for Holiday Shopping

So many people tell me that my Holiday Bargain Shopping is out of control.  And I feel the main reason they share their opinion is they are just jealous.  Jealous because typically I have all my Holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving.

And the best part is, by starting early I can find better deals and spend my money wisely.  Plus, I can keep ahead of all the crazy Holiday store rushes.

So are you curious where I will be finding some of my Holiday bargains already?

Well it is called....


Find&Save offers a easy to navigate online site which is customized specifically for me to a community close by.  It shares amazing deals and lowest price finds so make my bargain shopping simple.  I love that my friends and family all over the county can use Find&Save.  They can easily select their State and Location to receive the deals that are closest to them.

So what have I found so far?  What does Christmas possibly have in store for my boys this year?

My 9 year old son:

The Crayola Marker Maker - 28% off at Micheals (on sale only this week!).  He has been asking for this, every since he saw an ad awhile ago.  I can't wait to see his excited face on Christmas morning.

My 8 year old son:

Minion Monopoly - I didn't even know they made such a thing. 

But, it is certain to become a favorite of my son.  And right now thanks to Find&Save it is only $17 at Toys"R"Us.  I see it even comes with special Minions.  I think I may have to play a game of this.  I love Minions!

My 5 year old son:

And the Lego Duplo sets are 20% at Target I learned.  I am certain I will find the perfect Duplo set my little one doesn't already own.  I can't wait to stop over at this store to pick up this great bargain.

My hubby who is like another child (I am smiling):

He is such a shoe hound!  And has been asking for Sanuk Vagabond Chill Surfer Shoe for over six months.  Well at the Buckle I can finally get him a pair at a great price.

And best of all I can set alerts to help remind me when a sale is going to expire so I can make up my mind and see if I really want or need that bargain.

Thank you Find&Save for making my Holiday Shopping so much easier this year.  So what deals are you going to find?


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