Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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When I find informational and educational articles plus opportunities, I love sharing them with my blog audience.  Enjoy and I hope you will consider a profession as a health care administrator.

In the 21st century, the health care sector will be in high demand for administrators who can effectively lead hospitals, medical centers, and physician offices with excellent foresight with health care technology and management. To meet this demand, students who hold a Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA) can help answer the call.

A MHA program is a graduate, business program that trains professionals in the management and problem-solving standards in the health care sector. Because of the unique market realities of health care, conventional business insight is not fully used for a health care administrator's role. Instead, health care administrators are taught to make health care efficient and effective, utilizing new technology and managerial strategies that can help physicians and nurses treat as many patients as possible. At the same time, the quality of the care must be maintained. This leads health care administrators to be listeners to the physicians, researchers, and nurses that may work at a health care facility, so the administrator can apply their insights to the administrative demands.

Several universities with business graduate schools offer MHA programs. In these MHA programs, a student will learn about the scope and the dimensions to the U.S. health care systems. Other classes will include the information management systems for health care facilities, leadership models for health care facilities, and evaluating the quality of health care being provided to patients. More business-centric classes will also be taught, such as human resources management, health care facility finance, and health care marketing. However, other classes will be very specific for the health care market, such as health care law and ethical issues in health care services.

Because of the high demand of these programs, many universities, like Ohio University, are beginning to offer online options for the MHA programs. Online options allow professionals who have other responsibilities, such as family or work requirements, to enroll in the MHA program. This is most often the case anyway, as any applicant applying to the MHA program will need to be currently employed or have 2-years experience working in the health care sector. Hence, a person working in the health care sector can take their MHA courses any time of day across the week. Professors in the online MHA program create and maintain online learning modules for the classes where the student can access and read course material and interact with other students. Professors will interact with students via email and test students with essays or online tests. If a student has an issue, the professor can be reached during his or her office hours via telephone or can be reached 24/7 via email.

Students interested in improving the United States' health care system may be interested in this career in health care administration. An online MHA program may be the best opportunity to actualize that desire to help improve the quality of care being given to all American patients.

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