Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking for Fitness and Health Sponsorship for my 1/2 Marathon Race - Monument Marathon

Where do I began?

Mother, Wife, Cancer Survivor, Down over 50 pounds in the last year, Fitness Fanatic, Addicted to Working Out and Running Races (8 since the end of May), Working Full time and Blogging in my free time (when everyone has went to sleep).

And now I am going to add...Finished a 1/2 Marathon (positive thinking!) - But I need some assistance.

Well, as you can see by my introduction I am looking for Fitness and Health Sponsors to help me succeed with my 1st Half Marathon that I will be running on September 28, 2013!  It is called the Monument Marathon.  I have already signed up!

Lets see what am I in need of?  Since the run is during the very end of September, who knows what the weather will be like?

Fitness Apparel - Running Clothing - Cold and Warm Gear - socks, sports bra, compression shorts, compression top, gloves, hat, etc...

Health Supplements - Like Protein, Pre-workout and Post-workout Products, snacks, etc...

Health Products - chaffing gels, foot powders, etc...

Fitness Equipment - iPod (I actually do not have one),  Heart Rate Monitor, GPS Wrist unit, etc...

Monetary Sponsors - to help with travel, hotel, meals and entry fees.

Feel free to contact me if you think I am in need of something else to help me cross the finish line.

And I am proud to share Spira Footwear has already provided me with a great New Pair of shoes that I am planning on wearing during my 13.1 Mile Run!  They are called the Women's Stinger 2 - Performance Racing Shoe.

I can't wait to report back on how they worked for me.

*****UPDATE 9/6/13*****

I have another sponsor - one of my favorites that I have worked with in the past and has become an everyday love affair  - a Negitive Calorie Drink - Celsius
Look what arrived it the mail today!

Wow!!! What a suprise arrived in the mail today (9-20-13).....Check it out!!!

Thank you Celsius!

I would love to include sponsors and their products in my 1/2 Marathon recap and how your services / products worked for me.

Thank you so much Current sponsors!!!  My 1/2 Marathon is now a week away!!!

Check out my PR link above on how to get a hold of me and see what we can workout (no pun intended). I would love to show how your assistance helped me succeed!

Thank you!


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