Monday, March 17, 2014

CLICK Espresso Protein Fitness Drink - Caramel, Vanilla Latte and Mocha flavors

There are a few products that I have featured and reviewed over the years that have become a staple of my daily routine.

I wanted to share about one of these products as they have just came out with an amazing new flavor.

 It is CLICK which is an Espresso Protein Drink. 

And let me tell you this is like no other protein you have ever drank.  This is a protein you will LOVE and crave to drink. You can enjoy it cold, hot or even blended with fruits and ice.

CLICK comes in three different flavors...Mocha...Vanilla Latte and now Caramel! 

And if you are not big into caffeine...they offer Decaf Mocha.

Every morning I start my day early so I can get my workout in before the busy family and work routine begins.  I grab an can of Celsius (another fitness product I reviewed and now use daily.) and then get my workout in.  After my workout as I get my boys ready for school I mix up a serving of CLICK in my blender bottle and enjoy every drink of it.

It mixes up so smooth and creamy...all by adding in cold water.  It has a delicious feel in your mouth and even tastes better.  One serving of CLICK provides 15 grams of premium protein, 2 shots of Espresso and 23 Essential Vitamins with only 110 calories.  I feel like I am enjoying a coffee shop product with out all the calories and expense.

CLICK also helps to stop sweet cravings with their new Caramel variety.  It is so rich but not over the top sweet.  I love it and haven't tried it yet mixed with I don't know if I want to change how it it is just perfect!!!

Don't forget when you check out CLICK to sign up for their newsletter and receive $5 off your next qualifying purchase.  I love their newsletter as I get all the great info as to what specials they might be having on their website.  Right now I am amazing at the deals they are offering on CLICK. 

So hope you give CLICK a chance and become a fan like I am.  I am such a faithful CLICK-tastic fan I have become an affiliate too. 

One more think CLICK has helped keep me on the path to wellness by helping keep my weight on target and my physical activity increasing.


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