Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Could you be the next online version of American Idol? Contest starts in February 2014.

You can be a star!  Really you could...but you must check out the great contest I heard about for your chance to enter and maybe win.

Wouldn’t it be cool to discover the BEST music videos hidden on the internet?

I think so. 

An epic contest hosted at www.Grandool.com is looking to uncover awesome talent and make people stars. 

Kind of like an online version of American Idol. Contest starts February 24, 2014 and continues until 1 Billion views. Yes. 1 Billion. 

What is the Goal? .... To Find the Next Grand Star.

How?... The world is the judge. 3 elimination rounds. Artists get seen by music lovers, labels, and press.

It’s easy to be a part of the fun and follow the results of this epic event, check out www.grandool.com and like on Facebook.com/Grandool

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  1. RU-BENNNNNNN!! (sorry, it just came out like that.... :D )


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