Thursday, October 3, 2013

Winter Storm Warning on October 4! Really? I need some Zone Heating!

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I thought it was Autumn...isn't it?  But could the weather forecast be correct? 

I kept telling myself they have got to be wrong it is only October 4th tomorrow.  But, being the responsible mother I found myself digging way back it my boys closet to find the hats, snow boots, gloves and winter jackets that were put away over six long months ago.

Right now it is rainy and a balmy 44 degrees tonight (10-3-13) and tomorrow our weather is suppose to be colder. 

And not only colder, but snowy and the wind is suppose to be blowing terribly strong.  We stand a chance to get ten inches of heavy wet snow.  Did I mention it is only the beginning of October?!

I know there has been talk of an above average cold and snowy winter through much of the USA this season.  But, if we are going to start our snow season this early (I will up date later with snow photos if it finally arrives), I feel like a child growing up in the heartland.

I have memories of my parents having to start up our ancient heating system when the snow began to fly.  It was always such a big deal to turn the heat on for the first time.  Oh, the heat!  Some areas of the house were hot like the surface of the sun.  Other areas reminding me of standing in front of the freezer with the door open.  So how many of you can relate?

Thank goodness my children aren't going to have those lovely heater related memories.  They are going to have memories of playing in the fun, fresh snow.  Memories of coming inside their warm home and settling down with a warm mug of cocoa. 

So why aren't my boys going to have the heater memories?  Well because of zone heating.  This type of heating allows for comfort all over your home.  Comfort you can control.  If you live in Minneapolis, MN Northern's One Hour offers this type of system.

Well, I think I am going to have to give in before the snow starts flying here in a few hours and turn our heating system on.  No sense in making my boys sleep in their hats and coats.  Keep an eye out to see how much snow our Winter Storm Warning brings.  Any guesses?  I know my boys have the attitude the more snow the better.

Stay safe and warm everyone!

 Here are updated photos from what the storm brought us.

*sponsored via Northern's One Hour 



  1. Wow, it really happened! I think once when we lived in MN it snowed at the end of September once! We just turned the heat on last week. I'm still wanting summer back! lol

  2. A friend of mine in Colorado was just telling me about her snowfall last weekend - good god! it's only October where is all this snow coming from??? Yikes! I hope it's a while before it gets to me here in Chitown. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh wow! Snow already? It rarely snows where I live. I don't know what I would do if we got that much snow.

  4. In our area WNY we've been know to trick or treat in the snow---October is the silliest month when it comes to the weather!!!


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