Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years resolutions and reaching your goals in 2013 with the help of

So are you a traditionalist when it comes to ringing in a New Year?

Do you vow that this year you are going to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions?

I think it is great to make your New Year’s resolutions as they give you something to work towards.  But why not try this year to make progressive resolutions.  Are you asking, what is she talking about?

If you are, think about your resolutions this way…set small reachable goals and once they are met, reassess and update them so you continue on your journey to better yourself and even your family for 2013.  And if you do stumble along your journey, it will be much easier to get back on track.

I must say one of my biggest goals is to continue with the weight loss or should I say maintain a healthy weight after losing almost 50 pounds in 2012.  So I will accomplish this by weighing in at least twice a month to help make sure I am staying on track.  That way if some weight starts to sneak back on, I can take control right away before it gets out of control. 

And in order to maintain a healthy weight I will also set the goal of continued fitness.  As I am a workout addict!!  I love working out and vow to make sure I continue my very active workout schedule.  I normally work out at least 6 days a week, but normally all 7!  Yes, I said I was an addict.  It is true.  So I vow to continue to exercise sensibly, but continue to push myself so I do not get bored.  And get a new pair of shoes, as mine are worn out!  And without good shoes, my knees are not going to hold up to all my routines.

I also would like to make a New Year’s resolution to not take my family for granted as you never know how much time you have left here on earth.  I know that personally from work experiences I had in 2012; we all need to cherish our families and time with them.  So I vow to make sure at least once a week I do something special with my children and husband.  That something doesn’t have to be expensive.  It doesn’t have to involve a ton of planning.  It can be something simple as taking a family walk to our local park and enjoying some play time.  It can be finding the extra time to let my boys help cook supper, even though I could get it done ½ hour sooner, by myself.   

By making the time to spend quality moments with my family every week that means I need to find ways to make those moments available.  One of the ways I am going to gain those extra minutes and even hours with my family is by using  In case you don’t remember a few posts I did back in 2012 about  It is an online shopping service created for all of us who are busy.  This online service is easy to use.  You can shop for all your everyday items, including groceries and get your order today in most areas.  Plus, you get rewarded for shopping with  I love rewards! has partnered with Kmart to provide order pick up locations at Kmart stores across the country.  Just head on over to the designated curbside pickup location and your order will be brought out to you or head into the customer service center…free of cost.  And speaking of cost, don’t worry about the cost of the products you purchase using  All prices are competitive or even less than your local grocery or even big box stores thanks to the support of Kmart. 

Well, now that you know some of my New Year’s resolutions…I would love to know some of yours and how you are going to reach them this year.

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