Friday, May 4, 2012

Stain fighting made easier with Shout® Trigger

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Motherhood continues to delight, amaze and cause complete exhaustion on a daily basis.  Can you say, “Three very active little boys”?  I wish I was able to bottle up all their creativity and energy.  I know it would be worth millions!

Their creative energy continues to lead me down the challenging battle of the washing clothes every day!  Yes, everyday…for real!!  But, not only am I washing clothes very day…I continually encounter new and more bizarre stains.

Don’t get me wrong…the “average” stains like grass, grease, ink and food stains happen ALL the time at our house.  But, I have recently had the “blessing” to battle tar stains and dog p**p.  I am always on the lookout for a stain fighting product that will help me defeat and destroy these stains and rescue my boys clothing so they can wore again out in public without feeling embarrassed. 

I have used and tried out many stain fighting products in the past; one of my favorites is Shout®.

Shout® Trigger is designed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes to quickly penetrate, break up and remove tough stains!  Any mothers dream Triple-Acting Formula stain remover!  As the name suggests, Shout® Trigger comes in a convenient bottle of a trigger dispenser.  Making the application of Stain fighting power easy to apply, even over large stains (which Lord knows I am a master!).  I love how Shout® Trigger is thick and clings to whatever you are spraying.  The reason I said “whatever” is that this stain product is safe for all colorfast washables and it works in all temperatures of water.


I feel Shout® Trigger is different from other stain fighters because it has a hand free way to apply the stain remover.  You can easily spray the thick and powerful formula directly onto the stain and let it do all the dirty work!  So if you are a busy mom, who is looking for an all in one stain fighter…. Shout® Trigger is for you.  I know Shout® Trigger saves me a lot of time and mess.  It is so easy to use and actually works!  You can just head over to your local Walmart and pick up Shout® Trigger for yourself!

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