Thursday, May 17, 2012

Louisiana Crawfish Company Fresh or Fresh Boiled Crawfish delivered to your door.

My Mother's Day weekend was amazing.  Especially the way we started it off on Friday!

Friday I received a special delivery.

Any guesses on what was waiting inside?

What could it be...ummmmm!  Louisiana Crawfish Company carries such a diverse line of Cajun and Southern Alligator and Turtle, Gulf Shrimp, Cajun Samplers, Turducken (I can't wait to try that!) and other Louisiana Foods to name just a few of their offerings available for purchase online and delivered direct to your door.

Drum roll please.....It was.....
A 10 pound party pack from Louisiana Crawfish Company!
But what was in the green mesh bag???
My boys couldn't wait to see what was inside.  Oh, the excitement was flowing through the air...

They so wanted to see what was inside!  But, I had to explain we needed to follow the directions that came with these LIVE CREATURES so we could enjoy them for supper later.

First we had to take the mesh bag out of the cooler with our creatures (keep reading to find out what they were), since we were going to enjoy them immediately.  Off to the bathtub they went for a nice cool shower..not a bath or they will drown. 
Just make sure you let them drain after their rinse in cool water.  ***OH!  Make sure you don't throw that cooler away from Louisiana Crawfish Company, it will come in very handy later!!!

Boy, the cool shower lived up these creatures!  But it was time to cool them down more to keep them fresh and ready for supper.  Back into the cooler the bag went.
A little ice of top to keep them until supper.  Don't forget to put the cooler lid back on.
A few hours later I was ready to begin fixing supper.  It was time to open the mesh bag... 
Beautiful Live Select (Large) Crawfish! 

We were all so excited to get busy so we could enjoy these delicacies.  Back to my pamphlet that came with them for the next as to what to do.  I have never prepared Crawfish before.  And these ones were HUGE, they reminded me of baby lobsters.

The crawfish made an appearance in the kitchen sink for some tender loving care and entertainment for the boys.  I washed the crawfish thoroughly with running water and removed a few dead ones.  While I was doing this, I placed two large pots on the stove with enough water to cover the crawfish, when they would be added later (as I didn't have a large enough pot to fit all these Crawfish).  It was amazing seeing how many live crawfish made up 10 pounds....It is plenty!! 

The water came to a boil.  So I had to go get the rest of what came in the 10 pound party pack from Louisiana Crawfish Company... (I love that this party pack comes with everything you need to make an amazing meal..even thought we added some extras as you will soon see).

It was time to add the Seafood boil to the boiling pots of water. 
The aromas were amazing and strong.  I could smell so many different spices. I couldn't wait to see what our crawfish were going to taste like.

It was time to add the life crawfish to the boiling water. 

After adding the crawfish I covered the pots immediately and returned them to a boil.  A quick 2 minute boil and I turned the stove off and let the crawfish rest in the pots for 15 to 20 minutes (I love how simply these directions were laid out in the pamphlet).

I next removed the crawfish from the water....Make sure you don't dump the water!  Use a large slotted spoon or colander inset to get them out of the pot. 

Now get out your Louisiana Crawfish Company cooler...make sure it is rinsed out.  Layer the boiled crawfish 2" deep and then sprinkle the Creole Seasoning that also came included, over each delicious layer.
Place the lid back on the cooler tightly and let the crawfish continue to steam approximately 15 minutes.  While the crawfish are steaming we added our extras into the pot of boiling water, including...

Ears of corn, spicy sausage and red potatoes. Oh the amazing aromas continued to fill the air!

It was finally time to enjoy our Cajun feast!  We spread newspaper down on the table so we could just dump out the goodness and dig in!

This was so much fun and what excellent flavors!  I felt like with had brought the South up to our neck of the woods.  The crawfish were full of sweet meat that was perfectly seasoned.  Our oldest son couldn't get enough and had the hang of getting into the meat by the end of our fun and extended meal.  Our youngest wasn't so sure about eating them.
But he loved the beads and thought the bibs were funny.
Thank you Louisiana Crawfish Company for such an amazing and memorable Mother's Day weekend meal!

We are planning on making this a family tradition.  It is no wonder you are the #1 shipper of live crawfish.  Wow, you exclusively manage your family farm for live crawfish production.  It is great to see that in addition to your family’s farm that you now contract with several premier farms throughout the state and fishermen in the Atchafalaya Basin to fulfill the large demand!  Why to go! 
I was thrilled to find out Louisiana Crawfish Company offers the fastest shipping option available with crawfish being caught and shipped the same day leaving their farm by 5:00 pm for delivery the next day as early as 9:00 am!  Plus they offer four different grade sizes: Jumbo, Select, Field Run, and Bait size.

Don't worry that shipping and handling may prevent you from enjoying live, fresh crawfish...the shipping is included right in with the price with no hidden charges...What a great deal and with the selection of sizes of crawfish you can control how much you want to spend for this fun food experience.  The only thing is....Live Crawfish season is roughly January through you better get busy ordering today...or wait and other some of their other line of products.

Learn more about Louisiana Crawfish Company on their website or on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Louisiana Crawfish Company provided me with free
samples of their product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product


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