Friday, May 11, 2012

Children's Oxylent Multivitamin Powder Giveaway / Review +$30 Value

It seem like such a challenge to find a great kids multi-vitamin on the market today.  The most difficult issue for me is to find a children's vitamin that contains Iron.  Take a look at your children's vitamins.....Is there Iron?

We have found one children's chewable multi-vitamin on the market that contains iron and we have used for years.  My boys are always asking why they can't have any of the "fun" vitamins.  I always explain they aren't as good for them because they are missing iron.

So when I found out I was going to be sampling and review an amazing new Children's Vitamin, I was thrilled.  I couldn't wait for its arrival and to surprise my boys!

The day finally arrived our  Children's Oxylent  Multivitamin Powder was delivered including a great bag of swag....Keep watching so you can enter to win some Oxylent of your own!

I first want to say I was impressed with how appealing the box packaging and individual packets of the multivitamin powder were.  I then I noticed the Children's Oxlyent product I received contained NO Sugar! Perfect only stevia to add a little sweetness.

Being a concerned parent, I had to check out everything about Oxlyent before offering it to my boys.  I was impressed to find out it is award-winning and contains a perfect blend of minerals and vitamins (including iron).

I found out the box of 30 premeasured Children's Oxylent Multivitamin Powder could each be added to water (4 to 6 oz) and create a fizzy Berry Punch Flavored drink. 

It is free of gluten, dairy, caffeine, and artificial flavors and colors (so don't worry).

What a fun, new and exciting way to get your children to take their daily vitamins.  Children's Oxylent is formulated for children ages 4 years and older.  Did you know the effervescent nature of Children's Oxylent offers exceptional absorption of vital nutrients, but is best taken with meals.  
So would my boys like Children's Oxylent?

I wish I could have caught all the excitement as to what they thought it was going to taste like...

Two out of Three loved it and couldn't wait to drink it again the next night.  They felt like they were drinking sparkling soda.  The enjoyed the tart and fruity flavor.  I had to remind them that this was medicine and only Mommy or Daddy could give it to them (always trying to be safe).  The only problem I had was if they do not drink it fast enough there is some residue that reminds in the bottom of the glass.
I know as soon as we are out of our samples, I will be placing an order from some more from  If you want to order some of your own and not wait to see if you are going to be the lucky winner...Please use the code, "BLOGOXYLENT" to recieve 15% off an entire order until May 31st, 2012.

So who wants to win their own box of Children's Oxylent, a Oxylent Growth Chart and some Swag???

Enter for your chance below...
All opinions are mine. I did not receive a product in exchange for a positive review.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to treat and diagnose. Please refer to your health care provider before making changes in your health plan.
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  1. I am a true believer of intake of liquid vitamins. Liquid vitamins are more readily absorbable by your body. Whereas, your body will only absorb a small percentage of the vitamins, in the pill form. The rest of it will be then be expelled and not used at all. I feel that Oxylent delivers what they promise, which is providing a vitamin that is easily absorbed by the body. What I like about their packaging is that it comes in premeasured pouches. This means no guesswork of how much powder you would need to pour. The only thing that you would have to do is make sure that you add the correct amount of water. Overall, this is product sounds like a win-win situation for both parents and children.

  2. I learned that Oxylent specifically adds vitamin D because research has shown that children don't get enough D even in sunny climates.

  3. Oxylent is vitamin product that can be added to liquid. Sounds yummy!!

  4. Definitely love the Vitamin D aspect!

  5. They sell it around the corner from my house, which is good thing to know, in case I don't win!

  6. I copied this statement from our website at this really caught my attention. "Albion® Human Nutrition is the most established
    and globally recognized leader in the chelate


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