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Whale Tails Tortilla Chips Review Gluten Free Snacking

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to review an amazing gift basket from Good Health Baskets.  One of the Gluten Free products included was Amazing and Fun Tortilla Chips called...

Our family was so delighted by the taste and uniqueness I reached out to Whale Tails and much to our surprise Whale Tails Chips sent us out an amazing box of assorted Whale Tails Chips to review!

Did you know ALL Whale Tails are made with Organic Corn grown in the USA...

They are Naturally Gluten Free


Zero Trans Fat

And Kosher

I am going to first share our thoughts and opinions about the three different varieties of Whale Tails....

Then I will cover some amazing details about Whale Tails and how much they care for our environment!

Our absolute favorite (and I say "our", because I had to fight all three of my boys for a taste or two) is the Hawaiian Barbeque Whale Tails.  Each Whale Tail shaped Chip is covered in such a savory, yet sweet Barbeque flavor.  The seasoning is perfect and still the Chip remains nice and crisp.  It is like no barbeque chip I have ever had before (I wish they would bottle the barbeque flavor). 

Whale Tails Chips created this island barbeque flavor by including a trace of tropical sun-ripened mango ...and a splash of lime to create just the right amount f zest.

The Original Flavor Yellow Organic Corn with "Alaea" Red Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt Whale Tails Chip are the perfect Tortilla Chip for dipping.  They hold up very well and the saltiness intensify whatever your are dipping them into. 

I was surprised to find out Alaea is unique to the Hawaiian Islands and is legendary for being low in sodium content, 3% to be exact and high in essential trace minerals that our bodies need.  Alaea is sun dried and never processed.

Organic Blue Corn infused with Chia Whale Tales Chips left me craving more.  Whale Tales are not like your average Blue Corn Chip.  They are so earthy and nutty and addicting.  Blue "Torchia" chips takes healthy snacking to a different level.  The Organic Blue Corn is infused with ancient Mayan super seed Chia which adds a healthy punch.  Chia contains higher amounts of omega-3 than any other vegetarian source, all essential amino acids and FIVE times more calcium than milk!

Whale Tails are available on store shelves and other locations...find out where to purchase your own today HERE.  Or you can purchase them direct from Whale Tails online.

The Whale Tails Tortilla Chips team is so caring and smart.  They realized virtually every piece of plastic ever invented(unless incinerated) still exists!  This thought inspired Whale Tails Chips to find a biodegradable plastic that really worked so you and I could buy fresh Whale Tails Chips with no preservatives in a bag guaranteed to break down in a landfill leaving NO trace of plastic behind.

Whale Tails Chips did it!!  Wow, what an amazing company!  After 3 years Whale Tails Chips are packaged in a commercially viable film (TekPak of Canada creates Whale Tails Chips bags) that meets their distributors and vendors demands for price and shelf life. The film is 69% degradable in a municipal landfill that is void of heat, pressure, light, and oxygen.

That is not the only earth friendly accomplishment of Whale Tails Chips!  Whale Tails Tortilla Chips are very proud to have partnered with Wyland Foundation.  As a result of this partnership one of Wyland’s famous seascapes will be featured on each of the three flavors of Whale Tails: the newly released Hawaiian barbecue will feature “Dawn of Creation,” the new blue corn flavor will feature “Orca Journey” and the original yellow corn will feature “Hawaii Endangered Species.

But it is not just about the art work on the Whale Tails Chip bags...Both Whale Tails and Wyland have always held fast to their goals of, as the Wyland foundation mission statement describes it: “promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life.”

They first Wyland-Whale Tails Tortilla Chip products arrived in stores June 2011.  Along with the new flavors and new bags, public events have helps spread Whale Tails Tortilla Chips's philosophy for giving back to sea life in a different why.

Connect with Whale Tails Chips via Facebook, Twitter or on their website.

Congrats Whale Tails Chips for creating an amazing food product with out sacrificing our delicate environment!!

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