Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Health Reveiw / Create your own Food Gift Baskets today for the Holidays

So what does the above site name make you think of?

Let me guess....I think it can be one of two things....

#1 Boring, Bland,  Limited Choices....
#2 Healthy Choices, Gifts for anyone and everyone.

I am pleased to report is Definitely far from being boring and bland with limited choices!   This Mom, Pop and Toddler business sent me the most thoughtful and tasty sampling of their gift baskets to review. 

Isn't it beautiful!  Included in my basket were tasty treats from
Their food categories including gluten free, sugar free or low sugar, and organic selections

I was pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail used by  The basket I received was all deck out for the Holidays with a velvety dark green and gold fabric trim around the basket.

And a beautiful pine cone, evergreen, small bird and brushed with snow attachment on the side of the handle.  And a festive bow to top everything off. want to make sure your basket arrives looking at perfect as when they personally created it for you.  They position each item exactly how they like and use sticky tabs to help keep them in place for a pristine presentation, every time.

The selection of food items they included in the variety basket I received was nothing less than spectacular.  It was like they knew what my family and I would love ~ including Organic and All Natural Biscottea Shortbread (Blueberry Tea and Honeybush Tea Shortbread).  I LOVE these.  They are so rich and buttery with the distinct tea flavor incorporated.  Nectar of Life Gourmet Organic coffee.....Organic Cherry Berry Crunch Dried Fruit (my boys love this!) 

What a perfect healthy All Natural snack with No added sugar and Gluten Free....Gladcorn All Natural  Original snack (These reminded me of corn nuts...very tasty)....My boys are still talking about the Gluten Free, Organic Kosher Whale Tails Hawaiian Barbeque Tortilla Chips.  They are actually shaped like Whale Tails!!  El's Gluten Free and All Natural Bagel Snaps, they are made by hand.....and last but definitely not least Naturally Wild Smoked Salmon!! (I have tucked this flavorful treat way until Christmas Day).

Well goal is to supply you with a happy and healthy eating experience.....Mission Accomplished!!

I can't wait to share this amazing find with loved ones by creating a gift basket (you can select from a large variety of items and reusable and keepsake containers) to pass along.  But if you are not wanting to make your own you can choose from a line of ready made Good Health Baskets.

You can make your basket items Gluten Free or Sugar Free or Vegan or Kosher or Certified Organic or a little bit of some or all of these options. 

And no need to worry...Good Health Baskets uses ONLY premium items in their creations.  What perfect Health Conscious Gifts for Everyone!!

Learn more today at

Sign up for the Milstone Club to be entered into a drawing! take ordinary items and make them extraordinary with there talents and food choices.


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