Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Biscottea and Bis*coffee Flavored Shortbreads Review and Gluten Free Line

Around a month ago, I had the opportunity to review a Gift Basket from Good Health Baskets.com . It came filled with tons of products...including Biscottea. 

I first thought what a fun name and play on words.  After one bite of Blueberry Biscottea.....I transformed into a HUGE FAN of this All Natural Shortbread.  Each bite was perfection with a balance of buttery goodness and earthy blueberries.

I had to find out more.....I searched online and found Biscottea's website.  Which then lead me to Bis*coffee.....and then on to Biscottea's Facebook Page and Twitter Account.  My head was spinning with excitement and my stomach was rumbling wanting to try more of the flavors....

I was blessed by Biscottea and my stomach thanks you!  Biscottea sent me out an amazing sampler package to review......ouuuuuuuuuu......so many choices!!!

Biscottea Chai Tea Shortbread..... The sweet smell of Organic Chai Spices..Perfect on a Cold Winter's Day.  Each bite was more soothing than the prior.  I love the flaky, buttery texture and the comforting combination of spices.

Gluten Free Biscottea Chai Tea Shortbread....  This Shortbread was more like a crispy cookie with delicate spices mixed in.  Totally different than the above Biscottea....But still a labor of love.

Gluten Free Biscottea Blueberry Shortbread....Great tasting cookie....perfect and crunchy and full of a nice blueberry flavor...not fake tasting at all.

Earl Grey Biscottea Shortbread....made me feel like I was eating one of my favorite mugs of tea.  I enjoy the smoothness and floral undertones.

Mint Tea Biscottea Shortbread... Refreshing....Cooling.....Perfect for summertime.

Rooibos (Red Tea) Shortbread...I wasn't sure what to expect with this flavor...it is sweet, earthy and light....great with a weak cup of tea. 

Espresso Coffee Bis*coffee...As a coffee lover...this was a delectable treat with the full flavor and body of coffee greeting your taste buds with every bite.

Cappuccino Bis*coffee...Nice and smooth, just like a real Cappuccino.  Very easy to eat one....two...three......etc.
Traditional Scottish square shortbread baked with real tea and real coffee. Made from all-natural and organic ingredients, they contain only 100 calories per serving and have no artificial flavors or food coloring = Biscottea.

Who wants some Biscottea????  Buy some online today.

Disclaimer:Biscottea provided me with free
samples of these products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.


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