Monday, August 15, 2011

More Than Gourmet Authentic and Natural Cooking Stocks Review

More Than Gourmet is a Company who Authentic and Natural Products can be for a Kitchen Novice or a Serious Home Cook. 
I love the fact More Than Gourmet is easily used by the "less then skilled" home cook to create a flavorful meal for their loved can be used by the very skilled cook to achieve perfection with a dish. 

More Than Gourmet sent me out four different sauces to sample and review.  I want to say...I have never used sauces that have ever tasted this amazing, deep and rich!

The French Demi-Glaze was simple to use and hot water only had to be added and heated, stirring until dissolved.  You would swear you slaved over a hot stove for hours to make this glossy, flavorful sauce.

The Glace De Poulet Gold (Roasted Chicken Stock) was a deep, beautiful dark color.  The Chicken Stock is actually reduced 20 times to a thick syrup like consistency (it reminded me of a high end balsamic).  What an intense flavor that takes a labor of love to make.  You can enhance your own stocks or used to deglaze a pan and add distinct flavor punch.

The Essence De Champignon Gold ( Mushroom Essence) is like no other mushroom sauce I have ever had.  I love mushrooms and this is going to be a necessity in my kitchen.  You can use it with water as a light bodied sauce or use can use it full strength to create a nice mushroom aroma in your cooking.

The Fruits De Mer Gold (Seafood Stock) is a premium blend of lobster, crab, fish, and shrimp.  It can be used to to add the perfect balance of sweetness to your seafood dish.  I can't wait to try this is some clam chowder.

More Than Gourmet makes it easy for the home cook to find recipes directly off of their site to transform More Than Gourmet products to perfection! The recipes are even rated with a difficulty level so you don't get in over your head.

You will NEVER find the following in More Than Gourmet Products:

Artificial Colors or Flavors

Just Simple Goodness in each and every package.

You can find out more about More Than Gourmet on their website / Facebook / Twitter1 and Twitter2 / and Shop Their Pantry .


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