Monday, August 29, 2011

Lord Nut Levington - Uniquely Flavored Peanuts, You Will NEVER Forget Review

I never thought there would be a day I would be reviewing a flavored peanut and using the words...complex...layered flavors....outrageously amazing flavor combinations.....

But here I am....about to use all of those word and more....

Lord Nut Levington was gracious enough to send me out samples of their entire line of flavorful peanuts.

First of all if you haven't already clicked the link above you definitely have to visit Lord Nut Levington web page.  It is so creative, unique and fun to watch.  After watching their web page for awhile, it will help give in insight in to the creative nature of this company. 

"Levington found his mission in life - to lead the Taste Resistance and make a stand against bland. He would bring freedom of flavor to those oppressed by taste conformity.
So, to those destined for flavor greatness, or those needing to be liberated from a flavorless existence - join him and continue this revolution. All in flavor, say YES!"

Now on to my review....

 Rebel Mary...Spicy Bloody Mary Peanuts...

Spicy Bloody Mary flavor with celery, lemon and pepper.  Now I can eat a Bloody Mary!  How inventive.  Even with all the seasoning on each and every last peanut in the can, these peanuts remain nice and crunchy.  I have no idea how Lord Nut Levington is able to combine so many flavors, but none of them get lost. 

Momma Mia ....Tomato, Garlic and Cheese.

These flavor packed nuts were my absolute favorite.  Any Italian food lovers dream.  The spices and cheese used to create this marriage of flavors left me begging for more.  I love the fact Lord Nut Levington doesn't skimp on seasoning, but in the same regard, doesn't over season.  That is a fine balance they have definitely mastered.

Thai Dyed....Thai Curry and Lemongrass

My husband swore up and down he will never eat another flavored peanut again without wishing it was a Lord Nut Levington Thai Dyed.  The flavor profile with these peanuts is amazing and worth spreading the news!  What a unique flavor combination.  They are a tiny bit spicy and kind of sweet...very complex, but perfect!

Cinnapplooza....Apples, Cinnamon and Vanilla.
To be honest, I was a little bit worried about trying these ones.  The flavor combination on peanuts didn't sound like a winner.  But, I went ahead a popped on in my mouth.  I began to smile.  The Cinnapplooza peanuts were not sweet, like I was anticipating.  They were savory and layered.  I couldn't get over the flavor experience.  I was able to taste each individual flavor all as separate times during my tasting.  I LOVED IT!  Lord Nut Levington...HOW DID YOU DO THIS???

El Cheddarales...Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno

Another well balanced flavor combination.  They definitely had some heat mixed into this flavorful nut.  Cheddar Cheese and I need to say more.  Perfection.

If you want to learn more about these Unique and Tasty Peanuts you can find out more on

Facebook.....Twitter....or their web page.

Thank you Lord Nut Levington for a flavorful experience!


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