Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great Weekend with my family - Education Eagle Web Cam Site

It was such an awesome weekend with my family, I felt the need to share.  First of all I love Spring weather and all it brings with it. 

Saturday was a beautiful day.  We actually reached 70 degrees.  My husband and I took the boys rock hunting.  It was a wonderful drive (1 1/2 hours) to get to an area that Prairie Agate is often located.  It was a great and educational trip.  We discussed what to do if they found a snake.  And the importance of staying very still and letting someone the area we were/and are in have prairie rattle snakes.  It was cute to here our 2 1/2 year old talk about stopping and telling someone. 

We we finally located the area we were going to rock hunt.  It was awesome seeing how excited the boys were to be out in the middle of nowhere with not a soul around (other than for a few antelope and A LOT of cactus).

Everyone had their bags in hand and an unlimited area to hunt for the perfect rocks.  We all had a memorable day.  I would hate to know how many pounds of rocks we brought back with us.  It was amazing to see the different stones.  The colors, shapes, and textures were all so unique.  We even found so petrified wood.  The boys each had different explanation's on what caused the rocks to look they way they did. 

We took time today to wash them up, so we could show off their beauty.  The boys enjoyed themselves, as you can see by the photos.  (I love saving old towels, toothbrushes and plastic....never know when they might come in handy with three active boys).

It was a perfect day to stay inside - as today it is only 37 degrees and snowing outside.  Yes, yesterday was 70 and now it is I said I love Spring and all the weather it brings.   

Next time the boys want to go hiking in the area to a park called Toadstool.  We haven't been there for years.  I know it will be an excellent adventure, when we make the trip next time.

The other thing we did this weekend involved the computer.  Thanks to my mom, we found a website called Decorah Eagles.  It is amazing live footage of a Bald Eagle's Nest in Iowa.  The Eagles had one of their eggs hatch on Saturday and one hatch today.  There is still one more egg waiting to hatch.  We had been keeping the site up all the time on the computer. 

Here is a still screen photo I took today...aren't they precious!
So that way we can keep an eye on the action.  We have had the chance to see the two babies and watch the parents feed them fish and a rabbit. 

I love sharing experiences with our boys.  It is so exciting to see what questions they come up with so they can learn even more.  I am a Happy Parent today! 


  1. So glad you had an awesome time!

  2. This looks like the perfect weekend of family fun! So great you were able to spend some great quality time together!


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