Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The quest to find the perfect Prom Dress Evolution

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I look back now....many years ago at my High School photos.  These images bring memories rushing to the front of my mind.  I smile thinking about my Senior Prom and how much preparation went into that perfect evening.  But, I feel that the biggest undertaking of my prom experience was finding the perfect prom dress.  Boy, that was an experience that seemed to take an eternity. 

Okay, now I am going to date myself.  No not "date" myself but show you how old I am.  I recall buying prom magazines at our local grocery store in order to thumb through them looking for the perfect dress.  And even if I did find "the one", it didn't mean I was going to be able to find it.

But, thank goodness times have changed and so has the shopping experience for finding and purchasing the perfect prom dress.  I love no matter if you live in a rural area or a urban city environment anyone can find the perfect prom dress.

I think the biggest place to start and hopefully end the prom dressing shopping is right from your home on your computer.  I know I found an online store that sells gorgeous prom dresses at affordable prices.  It is called JenJenHouse

I searched around this site to see what prom dress styles are in for the 2014 season.  I was delighted to see longer prom dresses are back in style.  Look at this beautiful prom dress!

I love the color, length and neckline.  And best of all this dress can be purchased for under $140!  What a great price and the chance for a special prom goer to make an lasting impression.

I understand peoples concerns about making such an important purchase online but JenJenHouse makes it consumer friendly.  They even offer Made to Order dresses and will give your dress a perfect custom fit.

Now if I could only travel back in time and live my High School prom all over again with a modern twist.  I was start preparing for my prom and find the dress of my dreams.

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