Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Giving Guide thanks to Anjolee

*Sponsored post but all opinions are mine*

Okay ladies.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and have you giving it a thought as what you would love as a gift this year?

If you haven't you have got to check out my dream jewelry gift ideas below.  I found this great site called Anjolee.  This site isn't your traditional jewelry store as they even offer a customizable feature so you can create the ideal piece of jewelry specifically to meet your needs and dreams.

Remember as you take a look at my Valentine's Day jewelry gift guide, don't be afraid to leave your favorite photo up on your computer and walk away.  They way maybe your loved one could be in the area and accidentally walk by and see what you want this year.  Or better yet visit Anjolee and see what else they have to offer and leave that page open.  I love being able to guide my hubby in the right direction.  I wonder what Valentine's gift I will get to start 2014 with a flashy statement?

Okay onto my Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Giving Guide.

#1 - Life is a great journey necklace pendent.

This design makes me think of my journeys as a wife as mother.  The shape immediately brings my mind to the shape of a mother with child.  It also reminds me that I am a cancer survivor.

I love the middle of the road diamond carat size of 0.49.  But this pendent can be 0.24 to 0.75 carats to meet your wishes.  And I would love to customize this stunning necklace with Platinum as the metal type (multiple options of yellow gold and white gold can be selected).  As I said before I like the 0.49 carat size and I love the feature that I can select the grade of diamonds used.  Of course I would adore having the best which is color FG and Clarity VS.

#2 - Shared Prong Single Row Diamond Hoops Earrings (Medium size).

They range in carat size from 0.80 to 2.26.  I love the medium size as they are large enough for people to notice but not over the top big.  But Anjolee does offer smaller and larger sizes which is nice because not everyone has tastes like me. 

#3 - Two Tone Diamond Track Bracelet

I love how unique this bracelet looks.  This bracelet would match perfectly with my engagement ring as it is also two toned.  It makes the tennis bracelet that I already own seem so plain.  I know if my hubby gets this for me, everyone will be asking about it as this will stand out from the rest. 

I must mention that this bracelet also can be customized with the length so you can make sure it will fit properly. 

#4 - Vintage Edge Diamond Ring

And last be not least a great new ring.  I enjoy seeking out and locating unique and beautiful jewelry.  This stunning diamond ring would make me feel like a million dollars. I love the millgrain edging that can be seen from the top and the sides. 

Isn't it true that women can never has enough jewelry, especially when it comes to diamonds?  Well I think so.

I would love to hear your wish list for Valentine's Day this year.  I hope you all get exactly what you desire and may it be sparkly and somehow incorporate diamonds.

Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. Wow- what beautiful pieces! I have been looking for gift ideas to float by my hubby, and I LOVE that necklace above- gorgeous!

  2. Those are some beautiful pieces of jewelry. I especially love the diamond ring. I think I should send this link to my husband! :)

  3. I generally get jewellery for Christmas... but I do actually have something very similar to the vintage ring you posted. It actually *is* vintage; it belonged to my grandmother. :-)

  4. I love that vintage ring. I sure wish my hubby would surprise me with some diamonds this Valentine's Day! Maybe I will spoil myself!

  5. Those are all beautiful. Really for Valentine's I just want a nice quiet dinner with my husband. He is law enforcement and works night and his two nights off are in the middle of the week (school nights). So dates are very rare any more.

  6. Love all the jewelry. I have a ring similar to the last one as my wedding band and love it.

    Michelle F.

  7. I love the first one, it's absolutely beautiful! I've always wanted a similar infinity necklace..

  8. I like the diamond hoops. I really like the open channel behind the diamonds. More sparkle!


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