Sunday, January 12, 2014 just in time for your Prom Dress Needs

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Thinking back to my High School years I think one of my most memorable moments was my senior prom.  I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about all the excitement that surrounded this formal event.

But, I think one of my most vivid memories is and was my prom dress.  Can you believe I still have that shows how special prom is as a single time event and life long fairy tale dream.

I still find it fun to look through the types of styles of dresses that will be in fashion each year.  And I love when I can share the new styles with all my readers so they are able to share and/or create the perfect prom memories for a loved one.

I am totally in awe with the flowing and long styles of many of the prom dresses for the 2014 season.  Look at this gorgeous one!!!

I love the detailing on the top front area of the dress.  And I just noticed that the zipper on this gown in hidden on the side of the dress so it doesn't take away from its natural beauty.  What a great idea and I feel it would make the dress more comfortable to wear and sit down in.  I am sure anyone who wears this special prom gown will be the Belle of the Ball. 

And I learned this gown is available from which is an online site at sells everything from wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, holiday dresses, homecoming dresses and more.

I was shocked to find out this online site offers many prom dresses that are made to order so they will fit your measurements like a quality prom dress should.  And the prices are very affordable and the styles are plentiful. 

I mentioned that the prom dress style seems to be long and many flowing, but are you interested in what colors will be the rave this year?  Well it appears the colors are light to dark and bright to muted but the neon colors are out this year.

I would love to hear your prom memories or how you are going to make a loved one's memories of proms, ones that will last a lifetime.   


  1. Prom is sneaking up on me quickly. I keep trying to avoid the whole dating, driving, and prom thing. But she's turning 10 this year so I'm not far from shopping for a prom dress.

  2. I don't have anyone needing prom dresses but these would come in handy for something really cute to wear to a military ball.


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