Sunday, August 25, 2013

Manwich the Perfect and Easy Meal for a Busy Family

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As a full time working mother and now that school is back in full gear; meal time can be a huge challenge.  And I am one of those Moms that love to cook and bake for my children.  So I like to be hands on when it comes to the food choices I am preparing and am serving to my family.

Yes, it is true I love to prepare meals that I feel are healthier for my kids and hubby.  But in turn it has to be something everyone will enjoy and eat.

That is where Manwich comes in to save our meal plans (even when I work late, because it is so simple my hubby can make it too!  And I know any Mom has got to love that fact!) after a busy day at work and school.

I love to prepare two different varieties of Manwich at a time. 

That way there is enough to feed my 3 hungry boys and my hubby (and me).  Plus, it gives everyone a choice on which flavor they want to enjoy or many times a sandwich with each flavor.

I mentioned that I typically make two different varieties of Manwich, but did you know that Manwich comes in 3 different varieties?  The three are:

Original, Bold and Thick and Chunky. 

I am still amazed at how something that comes out of a can is so tasty and filling.  Plus each of these three flavors truly does taste very different from one another.  I find the Original is nice and almost a sweet undertone.   My boys love the original.  My favorite is the Thick and Chunky.  It tastes more like a homemade sloppy joe with the added larger pieces of veggies.  And my hubby loves the Bold and the seasoning play more a feature role in this sloppy joe.

If you have never used Manwich before let me tell you how simple it is to make.  Check out the Manwich TV Ads to learn more.  But I just brown up your favorite pound of meat or even veggies.  After your selection is cooked to perfection just add a can of Manwich...stir…heat and enjoy.  It is that simple!!!  I typically use hamburger or ground turkey.

And I must add a confession.  I find that making my children’s favorite Manwich is a great way to use up hamburger buns and even hotdog buns.  And if you find you have a little extra time to prepare supper you can get on line and check out other great Manwich Recipes to make your meal time special…or just look on the back of a can.


Enjoy and Make you Meals Simple and Tasty with Manwich!

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  1. My family loves Manwich! I serve it with a salad or corn, it is a meal!

    1. We also love a nice salad with the is very easy supper.


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