Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bookboard Digital Library iPad Review And FREE TRIAL!

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Okay parents, grandparents, friends and everyone with children I have a secret to share with you!  And trust me you will not be disappointed.  You have got to sign up for a FREE Trial at Your children will Thank you for this digital library subscription with over 400 books for children to find, unlock and even collect!  I know I signed up for a free trial subscription just in time for our iPad to die, but my friend was able to access our free subscription and share her thoughts.

Bookboard is meant for use with iPads.  And I must confess bookboard goes out of their way to make sure any of your questions are answered.  They even offer to help you get your free trial working.  I can testify to this, as I know they did reach out to me as it took a few days to activate our subscription because of our iPad issues.

I love the whole concept behind Bookboard where so many different books are offered for kids up to the age of 12.  And being a Mom with boys ages 5, 8 and 9 this is ideal!  I feel with continued use of Bookboard it will enhance my children's love of reading.  As the iPad use and the way Bookboard interacts with children to makes them crave reading.  It creates a strong learning bond that has the potential to last a life time.

I was surprised on how simple and easy it was to sign up for a Free Trial of Bookboard.  And one you are signed up you can create specific users for all your children and even yourself.

All your child has to do, once signed is select their name and the Bookboard adventure begins.  And Bookboard offered age specific selections to your child. 

The Bookboard programs keeps track of what they are reading and with they have read.  It also has ways to unlock more adventures (books).  And you are able to personally track your child's progress.

It almost has a video game feel which just encourages a child to read even more.  What a perfect concept!

And just think of all the space you will save using Bookboard!  No more paper books cluttering up your house and going unread.  Now just log in and get busy interacting and reading via your iPad and Bookboard.  What are you waiting for? Sign up for your Free Trial today.

And if you really fall I love with BookBoard you can subscribe with two different types of monthly plans that are each under $9!  What a bargin.

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