Sunday, June 16, 2013

Can you Save a Life? Do you know CPR? When was your last Refresher?

I am going to take the time to write about something that it very dear to my heart and my family.  We all must prepare and be ready to take on and tackle the unknown.  What would you do if you child started chocking or worse yet stopped breathing, and maybe their heart stopped?  Do you know CPR?

I hope many of you are answering this question yes. But, if you are answering yes, how long ago were your trained?  Have you attended a refresher course?

I encourage each and everyone of you to take the time to become your family's shield.

I am proud to be my family's shield and so is my husband.

Did you know it only takes a few minutes to refresh your life saving skills and latest CPR guidelines.  I found a site that realizes how important each and every one's life is.  They offer the "Be A Shield" service, free of cost.  It will give you the skill set to be refreshed and ready for the unexpected. 

It is great that I am now able help ACLS National (American Medical Learning Center) promote awareness to the proper technique and protocol when it comes to administering Adult, Child and Infant CPR!!

I have had to use CPR once in my years of life.  I was thankful when I was faced with that situation...I knew what to do. 

The stats are staggering when over 70% of Americans feel that they are not properly prepared to handle an emergency and life threatening situation like choking, cardiac arrest or loss of breathing.  And guess what (I am not trying to scare you...)?  Nearly 90% of all the 380,000 cardiac related deaths happen at home.

Please take a few minutes to refresh and learn the latest CPR guidelines!  Who knows who's life may depend on your skills.  Here are the five steps...but please refresh via "BE A Shield"!

Step 1: Assess Responsiveness

Next Step: Check for a Pulse

Next Step: Chest Compressions

Next Step: Rescue Breathing

After taking the online refresher CPR Course I am going to proudly display my free Shield.  Come join me!!

If you are interested in taking the full course you can enroll directly from the ACLS site (only $150).

Be a Hero!  Help Save a Life!



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