Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does your immune system need a support during cold and flu season? How about Airborne?

I am a part of the Smiley360 program & The Smiley Blogger Circle on and was given free samples of Airborne for the purpose of reviewing the product .. I did not receive monetary compensation unless otherwise stated and my Opinion stated above is 100% mine…  This post is in compliance with FTC RULES.

Alright everyone...I don't know about you and your family, but it seems like life will never slow down.

So least to say I have officially sworn off all bad germs (I know....if I only had the power!!!)

But honestly we have been blessed thanks to the Smiley360 program.  My family and I were given a great free review pack of Airborne products.  Check it out!
As any of you know I am huge into checking out a product before sampling it personally and especially before have my children try it out.  I learned that Airborne products contain a combination of immune supporting vitamins and minerals plus a proprietary blend of natural herbs (for a short list of Airborne's various formulations, click here ) in each variety.  Yes, I said variety.... Check out all of Airborne's flavors and forms.   They offer products for children in chewable gummies and adults in a berry chewable and effervescent form. 

My boys absolutely love the Airborne Gummies.  And I enjoy not have to fight with them to take a product which could help support an healthier immune system.

I enjoyed the adult chewable Airborne, but the effervescent style was okay.

I like that Airborne doesn't make claims that it is the miracle supplement.  But they do make a point to explain how the ingredients can assist your immune system.  I understand Airborne doesn't reduce the risk of or prevent colds, sickness or infection. 

But I am pleased to report so far so good with our family's health.  I can't swear that Airborne has helped but I personally feel it has helped to keep our immune system in check.

Don't miss out on Airborne! And why not save a little money too? 

Be sure to grab a $1.00 digital coupon for Airborne 

And if you are big into social media like I am Airborne is on Facebook and Airborne is on Twitter.


  1. My Husband's a teacher and Airborne is his secret weapon for keeping those germs away. I take immunity boosters too because the first couple of years we were together, it never failed, I would get sick within the first two weeks of the school year starting!! Airborne is fantastic!

  2. The weather here is unusually cold and just last week I almost caught colds. I think I need immune booster like this because I can't afford to get sick.

    Mommy Maye

  3. I used airborne when I was a teacher. have to start using them again.

    Michelle F.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I don't want any more colds. The coupon is great too!

  5. My mom recommended this brand to me. However, I could not find a flavor that my tastebuds agreed with.

  6. Airborne is one of those companies I have heard of often but never had the chance to try. I will definitely be looking to the Gummies for my boys. Thanks.

  7. My kids take the gummies and love the taste. I can't say for sure it is the Airborne but they have defiantly not been as sick this year compared to last.

  8. We use this every time we go on vacation, or somewhere where there are a ton of people... It seriously gives you that extra boost to fight off what ever nightmare is lurking on those door handles...

  9. I absolutely love Airborne products...I have to take a lot of vitamins due to having Multiple Sclerosis and vit. C is a big one on that list.

  10. I like the images with description about Immune system booster is really excellent and amazing. I can never expected to find such type of blog after searches and congrats you for sharing with us.


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