Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 Things You should Look for in Driving Sunglasses

3 Things You should Look for in Driving Sunglasses

Picking the right sunglasses might sound like an easy task - after all, they’re just another accessory, aren’t they? Wrong. Depending on your lifestyle, you’re gonna need different types of sunglasses. If you’re a winter sports kind of person, you’ll need sunglasses that were specifically designed for winter sports, which will surely be different from the ones you wear every day, in the city. When it comes to driving, there are a few things you should look for in sunglasses:

1. Polarized lenses
2. Curved lenses
3. Thin temples

Why are these important? Polarized lenses, on the one hand, will reduce glare, which is otherwise extremely dangerous on the road. Glare can be a distraction when driving, and polarized lenses manage to reduce it dramatically. And since they enhance details and filter appropriate light levels, some drivers believe they’re great for foggy weather as well. The best color for lenses are gray, brown,yellow and amber (they’re color neutral), while pink, blue and green are not recommended (they make red lights indistinguishable). Another recommandation is to try an anti-reflective coating, which not only reduce reflections, but are also a good way to keep your lenses clean and grease free.

Curved lenses, on the other hand, will protect your eyes’ front as well as laterals, which is crucial in bright lights and road glare. They will prevent them from infiltrating through the sides.

Victoria Beckham wearing oversized aviator sunglasses

Even though they look great on Victoria, oversized sunglasses are not recommended for car use. Driving sunglasses should not in any way compromise your peripheral vision - you should even be careful that they have thin temples, for this very reason. Victoria’s choice for aviators is good, however, since they have a flat profile and thin arms. What would make her choice even better was if the sunnies came with some wraparound too.

Another thing to avoid in your driving sunglasses is photochromic tinted lenses (they change color with light intensity). The windscreen delays the speed at which the lenses’ color changes, which makes them unsuitable. Graduated lenses, however (with a lighter bottom and darker top) are safe to wear while driving a car. 


  1. Living in Arizona, I know JUST how important driving glasses are but I never knew how to choose which ones are best, THANK YOU!!!

  2. I can't wear sunglasses anymore, but I really wish that I could. The ones that Victoria Beckham is wearing are absolutely stunning!


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