Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LeapPad Ultra the Perfect Holiday Gift Kids Learning Tablet Review

"I was provided a sample of the LeapPad Ultra through a review program.  The opinions expressed are my own."

Can you say Merry Christmas early at our house?

Well it is....Look what came in the mail!!

A LeapPad Ultra!!

I feel like a kid again.  I can't believe all the features and abilities this LeapPad Ultra has to offer.  It is going to be perfect for my son that is 5 and as you will see below also for my son that is 8 years old. 

I love that the LeapPad Ultra is designed to only offer content that has been approved and selected by educators.  I can feel good knowing my children are using a kid-safe and age-appropriate learning tablet experience thanks to LeapFrog's Learning Team.

The LeapPad Ultra even allows us (us being overly protective parents) to use a 4-digit security code to control what our children are able to access.  I love this feature.

Another parent important feature is the kid-safe web content experience called LeapSearch which was created in partnership with Zui.  Zui is a leading children's browser developer.  LeapSearch allows children to watch and explore a very controlled selection of 100% kid appropriate web content.  This is accessed via Wi-Fi.  This Wi-Fi feature also allows parents to quickly and easily purchase and download features to the LeapPad Ultra.

And more more thing as a parent I love about the LeapPad Ultra learning tablet.  It is a kid tough tablet.

Okay what my kids are going to love is...

The 7" high resolution colored light-touch screen (also comes with a stylus)

The long-lasting rechargeable battery (typically allows for up to 9 hours of use at a time! Wow!!)

Front and back cameras and video recorders.  This is perfect as one of my son's really wants a camera.

Onboard MP3 player - music hear here we come!

The LeapPad Ultra is compatible with LeapFrog's learning library of 800+ games, apps, eBooks, videos, music and more!

And not only that 11 apps are included with the LeapPad Ultra for an added $80 Value!

My boys are going to feel like grow-ups with all the safe featured available with their LeapPad Ultras.

As a family that owns many LeapFrog products the LeapPad Ultra is a perfect step up for my boys.

My son is going to love that "Santa" is going to be giving him is dream gift - A Green colored LeapPad Ultra.  And so is one of my other son' I just ordered him the same one from  And they are currently offering $30 back in Amazon credit if you order.  So I hope you get in on this deal ...f it is still active when you place your Holiday order.

And now that we are going to be proud owners of two LeapPad Ultras they can take advantage of one of the amazing features.  The feature called peer to peer games, my boys will be able to safely play with each other via their LeapPad Ultra using virtual pets or LeapFrog characters. The Pet Chat allows them to safely ‘text’ over a local connection with safe pre-defined chat phrases and emoticons with fun sounds.

For more info on the LeapPad Ultra visit:

Happy Holidays and I hope you are able to find the perfect gifts for your children this season.

 "I was provided a sample of the LeapPad Ultra through a review program. The opinions expressed are my own."

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