Monday, November 11, 2013

Become an Urban Crafter, buy Locally Made Goods!

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How often have you heard the phrase, “Shop Local”?  I know in the community I live that phrase is over used.  As I believe that phase needs to be redefined.  It needs to be transformed into “buy locally made goods”.

And even better than buying locally made goods; how about purchasing locally made goods that are created from re purposed materials.  Ah, it feels so good saying typing that.  I feel empowered as we all can make a huge impact in the world we live if we could see the beauty around us and become an urban crafter.

What you have never heard the term urban crafter?   I think many of you reading this already are one and just didn’t know it.  An urban crafter is a word used to describe those who love buying locally made goods or even better create these items themselves.  I also feel urban crafters somehow incorporate handmade products that are unique and created with passion.

Last weekend our community had a Holiday Craft Fair.  This fair allows local artists, cooks, bakers, trades people and more to come together, under one roof to sell their wares.  It is amazing to see and experience the variety of items that are for sale.  I love the re purposed vehicle license plates that are used to make bird houses and even journals.  Who would have thought something that everyone sees every day on a car could become so use able and unique.  I love it! 

Another item that we see almost every day is plastic water bottles.  I know I am guilty of purchasing these bottles as they are very convenient when I am on the go.  But what can you do with a water bottle?  How can you re purpose them? 

I would love to be able to take credit for the urban crafter idea I came across when it comes to these water bottles, but I can’t.  How about making unique bags out of water bottles?  It has been done and they are called Rickshaw Bags.

What a genius idea.  A bag that can be used and even recycled; don’t worry if you are wondering how they could make a great bag from such a disposable item.  Just watch this video.

I think local manufacturing is so cool.  And urban markets are revitalizing our society, environment and selection of products.  When I think of local many times I find myself looking beyond my community barriers.  I like to think of local as USA made.  And that is why I am actually researching Rickshaw Bags more.  I am drawn to their customizable features and stylish looks.

Truly I don’t think a person would have any idea you are sporting water bottles, but what a great conversation starter.  I am passionate to make a different in the world today.  I believe you need to think outside the box and make the choice to be an urban crafter.  Why not start by showing your support with a Rickshaw Bag, they offer many different sizes and styles to meet your needs.

So next time you are able to throw something away, look for the beauty in that item.  Do you see the beauty?  What kind of potential might this thrown away item have?  Let you creativity and imagination run wild.  Who knows you may come up with a great idea and then in turn a product you could sell to others.  How how do you make this work?  Why not learn from others.  What a great way to show off your potential and inspire others to make a difference today.

Embrace the meaning behind being an Urban Crafter!  Become an Urban Crafter today.          

*sponsored post but all opinions are mine.


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