Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucky and Radar make a difference in our Dog Loving family

Ever since childhood I have always had at least one dog by my side (other than when I was in college).  I can’t image life without my furry friends.  They have made and continue to make such a huge difference in my family and my personal life. 

I am honored that I am able to allow my own children the enjoyment of having two wonderful dogs in our home.  I hate to even call them dogs.  They are named Lucky and Radar and are part of our family. 

Our furry family members help to teach my family about responsibility and unconditional love.  Every morning it is my boys’ responsibility to get up and feed and give Lucky and Radar their vitamins.  Then they let them out for their morning potty break. 

As soon as they walk in the door, Lucky and Radar are there to greet them and find out how their day was.  If it was challenging, somehow our two faithful friends sense that and want to stay close to make the hurt go away. 

Lucky and Radar are also perfect play mates and teach our boys how to play nicely and get much needed exercise.  I love the giggles and screams of excitement that come from our very active backyard when everyone is outside playing on the soon to be nice spring days.  It makes me remember my childhood and the importance of thinking beyond our needs.

And I almost forgot Lucky and Radar help our entire family to keep things I prospective.  When things seem like they are at their worst.  They are always the first two to give you a “shifty eyed” look and a big wet kiss…I have never met a person who that doesn’t make smile. 

The day our family is without a four legged friend, will be a terribly sad day.  That is why I have two so hopefully we will always have a companion at our side.  After losing our amazing family member Lady years ago, we were fortunate enough to have rescued Lucky from a poor home only months before.  So when Lady unexpectedly passed we were able to enjoy the comfort from Lucky and help to comfort him along our grief journey.  But, I believe that is how it should be….Dogs are meant to steal your heart and become an actual family member.  Everyone should own a dog.  I would love to hear your dog stories.

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