Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 21 Nutrisystem - New Great Foods and Weight loss #NSNation

Week 21- on Nutrisystem and I still can't believe how my life has changed.  I continue to learn so much about myself and how a person needs to eat to remain healthy and happy.  Portion control is a HUGE part of Nutrisystem and so is making smart food choices when snacking and eating off on the plan.  (Hello Thanksgiving....PORTION CONTROL IS THE KEY!!!)

But heck...who needs to eat off the plan when you receive Nutrisystem food like I did this week.  I was thrilled to be sent so many different food options! 

I have fell in LOVE with the Breakfast burritos and can't wait to try out the lunch burritos later this week.

And let me tell you I also have NEW desserts to sample and savor and

Red Velvet Whoopie pies, Chocolate Brownie Sundae and Chocolate Cheesecake!!!

I LOVE you Nutrisystem for allowing me to indulge into some of your other food choice!  I feel like a little kid at Christmas time!!

So......I lost another 1.4 pounds this week!

Week 1 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 2 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 3 - lost 2.8 pounds
Week 4 - lost 1.6 pounds
Week 5 - lost 5.8 pounds
Week 6 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 7 - lost 1.8 pounds

Week 8 - gained 1.8 pounds
Week 9 - lost 5.2 pounds
Week 10 - lost 4.8 pounds
Week 11 - lost .4 pounds

Week 12 - lost 2 pounds
Week 13 - lost 3.8 pounds
Week 14 - gained .2pounds
Week 15 - lost 2.6 pounds
Week 16 - lost 4.6 pounds
Week 17 - lost .4 pounds
Week 18 - lost 1.8 pounds

Week 19 -lost 2 pounds
Week 20 - gained 1.4 pounds
Week 21 - lost 1.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far after 21 weeks on Nutrisystem
48.2 pounds.


Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem provided me with my food and support program free
of charge for participation in the Nutrisystem.

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