Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bring the Farm to Our Tables - Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Florida Orange Juice

I was born and raised in a farming community in Iowa.  I long to see the fields of beautiful green sweet corn growing and the lush field of soy beans and alfalfa of yester years.  And I also miss our family’s very large and fertile garden.  We grew so many different varieties of veggies.  Nothing will compare to garden and farm fresh veggies.  I will never forget all the friendly and kind farmers that took pride in everything they did to raise the most healthy and pure crops to share with the world.   When we return to visit family still living in Iowa, it is refreshing to see things have not changed.
I know that there are so many more amazing farmers outside of Iowa and their beautiful fields, who take pride daily in all the fresh fruits and veggies they raise.  That is why I love to search our local grocery stores and farmers markets (along with caring for our small garden) for food items that exhibit these prideful and quality produce.   

We must not forget to think outside the box when it comes to supporting our American farmers.  We must continue to find ways to bring the farm to our tables.  And one way of doing that is finding different ways to enjoy farm fresh produce; like Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Florida Orange Juice.

Yes, Florida has hard working farmers that are continuously growing harvesting Oranges all the seasons long.  Did you know Tropicana uses 22 different Florida counties, mainly in southern and central Florida to raise their oranges in groves?  By using these different counties it allows Tropicana to harvest ripe fruit throughout the entire growing season because the different microclimates and soil types allows the oranges to be read at different times.

I was amazed to find out Tropicana purchases nearly 11.6 BILLION oranges from Florida each and every year!  I can’t begin to visualize how many sweet oranges that is! These 11.6 Billion oranges include two different varieties.  These varieties are Hamlin and Valencia.  It you are like me I have heard of Valencia before.  They are very flavorful with an intense color.  I had never heard of Hamlins.  I found out thanks to Tropicana, Hamlins can be a sweeter orange.  So by Tropicana combining these two varieties of orange it in turn creates their signature and unique Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Orange Juice.

It is refreshing that Tropicana has worked with Florida farmers for an extended time, some current farmer/growers for Tropicana began their relationship back in the 1960’s.  I was shocked to learn oranges have been grown in Florida since the 1560’s.  That means Florida has been growing oranges 147 years long that any other US state.

I wish I could visit Florida.  I would love to sample some juice straight from the orange itself.  Because many Florida farmer/growers sample fresh oranges by cutting them into a cup shape and drinking it warm juice from the orange.

Who knows maybe I will the luck winner of the Tropicana Sweepstakes (and win a free trip to Florida to an orange grove)?  Or maybe it will be you?  All you need to do is enter for a chance to win one-year-supply of Tropicana and a trip to Florida to visit an orange grove!! Just head on over to Tropicana on Facebook and like them today….then get busy entering!

Don’t worry if you don’t win the Grand Prize….99 winners will get a one-year supply of orange juice. For official rules and regulations, visit the “sweeps” tab on Tropicana’s Facebook page at
Good Luck and enter today!
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