Monday, February 13, 2012

Using Clipix with YouTube Videos

I few days ago I shared about a FREE, fun and easy to use online site to help keep your online adventures organized.
It is called clipix.
Just in case you missed my last post about Clipix.   I made my personal account online with Clipix within a matter of minutes.  It was so simple and they provide easy to follow directions to walk you through the process.
The most challenging part of the process was dragging a bookmark called a “clip” button into my bookmarks bar…but thanks to Clipix easy to follow directions…it was a breeze.  You have to take this step as that is how you fill your personalized clipboards with images and information.  You know, the images and information that in the past you would not be able to find again.  All you do is click on the Clipix button when you are on a site you want to remember and store.
I am learning daily on what other features Clipix offers.  The newest feature I found and love is that you can

Clipix videos into your customized clipboards.  It is so simple.  I headed over to youtube and found some of my favorite…make you smile videos and created a clipboard to share with everyone.

But if you can set each clipboard to whatever privacy setting you chose, such as your eyes only and just friends.  You can also reclip and share you clips on facebook and twitter with the click of a button.

Do you have an I-phone?  Clipix has an App so you can take photos on the go and add them to your clipboards.
It is so much fun using Clipix and I enjoy creating more and more clipboards at the clip of a button. They are so easy to organize.  I can’t wait to create more clipboards like…favorite activities to do with my boys, Graduation gifts, plans for my next big party…the possibilities are endless thanks to Clipix.
Come on over to Clipix and join me today.
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