Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Proud and Faithful Spira Shoes Ambassador - 30% Discount Code

I believe God has a master plan...and sometimes that master plan can have a lot of twists and turns and bumps and bruises....but don't let me forget to mention, he also balances out life with blessings and joyous times.

Looking back at my 30+ years (yes, girls!  Don't ever let people know your age!)..I should write a book.  Wow, I can't believe I am still here smiling and working out thanks to Spira Shoes (more details to follow and an amazing 30% Discount Code).

Let's see...so far in my short life I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, three beautiful boys, an amazing family that taught me faith...strength...perseverance...and pride, my dream career, setting records with my passion for running and physical fitness...

But on the flip side of this coin...my blessings had caused some pretty major and minor bumps in the road like major back injury which almost ended my dream career, 3 complicated pregnancies and 3 C-sections to get my beautiful boys here, Cervical Cancer (found out while pregnant with my 3rd son) and recent knee surgery because of too much running over the years (this is only sharing some of the highlights).

My recent knee surgery has really taken its toll on my body.  It was a long and challenging rehab and I still am not back to where I would like to be.  I attempted to work out after rehab, and even bought a new pair of shoes.  My knee ached so bad I couldn't get on the floor to play with my children.  Going up and downstairs was a daily routine I dreaded.  My workouts began to dwindle.

But there I, was a few days after Christmas at a Bake Shop in my community, picking up rolls for breakfast.  The woman who ran the business stopped and asked how my knee was doing after surgery.  I shared my story....She showed me a pair of Spira shoes she was wearing.  She told me all about how they have helped her after her knee surgeries.  She wrote down on the back of a customer ticket Spira.com and handed it to me. 

She told me her Spira Shoes were worth all the money she spent on them.  I was surprised to hear her encourage me to check out Spira's website and see what would be the best for my knee.  I waited a few more weeks and went online to learn about Spira Shoes.

I was intrigued by Spira's Wave Spring Technology.  Spira® puts a real spring in your step with its patented WaveSpring® Technology. The cushioning system offers energy return while providing a reduction in stress and fatigue. Whether you run, walk or must stand on your feet all day, Spira® offers the ultimate in cushioning and comfort.

Spira took a chance on me and allowed me to become a Spira Ambassador.  Which gives me the chance to share an amazing discount code for 30% off your entire order from Spira.com!  Just use code "fishfulblg" to get your 30% off! I know you will LOVE your Spira's as much as I do!!

They sent me out two pair of their Spira shoes...one being the Women's Odyssey Running Shoe to review.

I wanted to wait and give my Spira Odyssey Shoes a real try before sharing my experiences so far.  Well, it has been a month now...and guess what?  I have worked out 25 of the last 30 days!!!  I am so excited.  My knee is doing amazing, compared to where I was at.  I haven't tried running yet, as I am working to get all the kinks out and back into shape.  I have been doing a Treadclimber, Elliptical Machine, Walking work out program on DVD and a Dance Work out program.   

The amount of impact my Spira Shoes absorb is outstanding and at times doesn't seem possible...but I am living proof it is!  Keep watching to see my progress with my Spira Odyssey Running Shoes.

Don't forget to enjoy 30% off your next order from Spira by using my discount code fishfulblg .  I would love to hear what you think?  What shoes you bought?  What differences you have experienced. 

Disclaimer: Spira Shoes provided me with free
samples of their products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free products.



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