Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Toy Machine Plush Toy Giveaway / Review $29.99 Value

My three year old loves stuffed animals!!! I swear we need to build on to our house to fit all of his "friends" inside. That was until I was introduced to...

Have you heard of this amazingly, creative and personalized Toy Business, located here in the USA?

I know I was unaware that such unique and easy to create plush toy company was in existance until I was given the opporutinty to create a Regular sized Happy Toy Machine Plush Toy for my youngest son to review and provide the same opportunity to one of my lucky bloggy friends.

I kept my excited to myself and went right on to their easy to nagaviate website... Happy Toy Machine.  I assumed there would be a few choices to make and my son's toy would be on its way.  Boy I couldn't be more incorrect!

Wow!  Is all I have to say...the choices were ASTOUNDING and the combinations that could be created seemed endless.  So here is the steps it takes to create your own plush toy.

You have to select what type of animal, monster, alien, ect...you are wanting to mold into your ideal toy.

Next you are brought to a screen that has limitless features to help you make the toy exactally what you want or your loved one.  It includes a vast amount of options for the head, torso, arms, legs, tail, wings, and horns.  I love the details you are able to customize....

But, it doesn't end there....What kind of facial features do you want?  Ears? Eyes? Eye brows? Nose?  Hair?  Other features like whiskers, mustash, freakles, etc.....

So what colors or colors do you want your creation?  Yes, you get to even chose what colors your creation ends up to be. 

Want it even more personalized?  Yes you can have a design such as a paw print(like I chose), animals, sports, shapes, symbols, etc....embroided on the mid section of your creation...and to make it over the top you can even have your creation personalized with letters on the mid section.

Once you are happy with your new creation you can save it and then place you order for your Happy Toy Machine creation. You can chose between the Regular size which is between 11-14 inches tall for $29.99 or the Large at 20 to 24 inches tall for $49.99.  If you would like to make your plush toy super soft add an extra $5.

I really like knowing all Happy Toy Machine Toys are crafted here in the USA with Non-toxic and Child Safe materials.  All the features are embroided so there is no risk to your child with parts falling off.

I was delighted to see that when my creation arrived in was sealed totally in plastic.  I was nice to know it arrived in perfect, clean condition.

I want to say being a paranoid mother I checked out our New Happy Toy Machine toy throughly over to make sure it met my strick standards.  Well it passed the white glove test with flying colors.  I was amazed at how durable it appeared with the parts like the bat wings and tail being firmly in place.  I loved the softness of my creation, it just made me want to snuggle with it....

But did it pass my 3 year old son's approval?

Here he is waiting for his new toy...he had no idea what to expect.

Here is his response...

His new buddy even passed the flying test....

He LOVED IT!  It is so neat to see how it he toting it everywhere!  He keeps tell me how much he loves it.  I am pleased to see how many adults and children alike ask about him...as he is so unique and special.

 Okay...Who is excited and wants to create their own Happy Toy Machine Toy??? 

Enter for you chance below to win one of your own....Good Luck!
Disclaimer: Happy Toy Machine provided me with a free
sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or
sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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    Thanks for sharing this fun review and giveaway~!
    Rhonda Martin

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