Monday, February 6, 2012

Enter Ben's Beginners Video Contest for a Chance to Win $20,000! Thanks Uncle Ben's

How many of you Mom’s love cooking and creating healthy meals with your young children?

If you are anything like me, it seems like one of the busiest places in our house is the kitchen.  I am always in the kitchen cooking, baking and creating memories with my three boys, ages 3, 6 and 8.  Yes, I said 8!  He just turned the other day….boy how time flies and the memories continue to evolve.

I love capturing these memories as the years pass.  I enjoy using my camera and video camera to make digital storybooks of our life experiences. 

Do you have a video camera or other means to make videos at home?  Do you have children between the ages of 5 and 12?  If you answered yes to these questions…I have the perfect contest for you to enter thanks to Uncle Ben’s.  Yes, the company who makes fantastic rice.

Uncle Ben’s is sponsoring a fun contest called Ben’s Beginners.  It is a very unique contest that encourages you to get into the kitchen and create some healthy rice recipes with your child or children.  So start thinking and get your children…take them into the kitchen and get creative with Uncle Ben’s rice….break out the video camera and record your cooking experience.  The video only has to be 2 to 3 minutes to be submitted into Ben’s Beginners contest. 

Submit your video and you could win:
$20,00 + a $50,000 grant towards a cafeteria makeover for your child’s school AND you will have a chance to appear on The Rachael Ray show!

 For more info on the contest, please check out Ben’s Beginners on Facebook!
The nice thing with rice is it is healthy and easy to cook and incorporate into recipes or enjoy plain.  My six year old would live on brown rice if I would let him.  He loves it plain and asks for it on a weekly basis.  I love using rice to make main meals like “pourpine balls”.  What? You have never heard of Pourpine Balls.  It is a simple meat based dish, where one of the ingredients is rice that is mixed with hamburger and spices and rolled into meatballs….hence the name Pourpine balls, as the rice sticks out of the hamburger.  My boys enjoy measuring out the ingredients and pouring them into the bowl.  It is a great way to help with their math skills…added bonus.  Plus, I find if they help in the meal preparation they are more likely to eat a well-balanced meal that they helped create.   

I believe as a parent, we need reminders to slow down and enjoy the simple daily moments with our children.  An activity that can seem so mundane can be easily turned into something special, creating quality time with your children and life long memories.  Think outside the box and enter the Ben’s Beginners Contest Today!
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