Monday, February 20, 2012

Choclatique Valentine's Truffle Hearts Review

Earlier this month I had the great privilege of working with an amazing and Authentically American  Super-Premium Quality Chocolate business...

I was excited to host a fun and creative giveaway for Valentine's Day.  

Entries had to be the Most Creative 30-Character Message that would appear on their own Choclatique SweeTweet.  The 30 Characters included spaces, symbols or punctuation!

Choclatique blessed one of my great bloggy followers, Mercedes Y. with her own personalized box of SweeTweet just in time for Valentine's Day.  What an amazing contest it was....Mercedes Y. winning SweeTweet was.... "Blew your diet.I win.Love you!"
Besides this amazing and unprecedented giveaway...Choclatique sent me out a phenomenal box of their 8 piece Love - Valentine's Day Truffles to sample and review. (Available for purchase from Choclatique's website through the end of there is still time!!)

First of all each and every Choclatique Truffle is and was a work of art.  I was delighted at the thoughtfulness and design of the packaging...truly a special gift for the one you love (even if that person is yourself).

The Gift Box (I dislike using the word it doesn't come close to capturing the beauty) is a deep Chocolate Brown color, stylized, and reusable Leather Gift Box with a Hand-Tied Double Satin Ribbon.  How it that for attention to detail?  Amazing.

The box has a unique magnetic design to help keep the lid secure.  As you can see the back of this special packaging also has a photo and description of what is contained inside.

Gold Peppermint -  The center was soft and delicate with just the right amount of peppermint.  Not over powering...just perfect!!

Black Cherry Caramel Heart - The caramel was so velvety and smooth..and creamy and almost liquefied.  What a gourmet flavorful surprise as I broke through crisp chocolate shell.  The black cherry was a marriage made in heaven with rich chocolate!

Grand Marnier Truffle - Delightfully citrus smooth center.  Orange and Chocolate...yum!

Passion Fruit Caramel Heart - This combination was amazing.  The passion fruit had a nice tart complexity that was complimented by sweetness of the chocolate.

Amaretto Latte Heart - be still my beating heart!  Wow!! I love amaretto and I love lattes....a perfect relationship in my book.  Smooth, creamy coffeehouse perfection.

Saigon Cinnamon Caramel Heart - Spicy and Sweet.  Ideal for the cinnamon lover.  What a great way to end the day with a cup of coffee and a heart.

Strawberries 'n Cream Heart - The name totally describes this sweet confection.  I have no idea how Choclatique captured these flavors but they did.  So fresh and creamy and smooth and delicous!

**I didn't recieve the Minty Julep so that is why it is not featured**

So what are you waiting for?  Get online and order your Choclatique Truffles today!  Or what about their Chocolate Peanut Brittle Bites Baking MixesChocolates of the Month?

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Disclaimer: Choclatique provided me with free
samples of Love Truffles to review  and I was under no obligation to review it if

I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free products.


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