Monday, January 16, 2012

Frieda's 50th Anniversary Changing the Way America Eats - Product Review

Congratulations Frienda's

50 Years of Passion in Changing the Way America Eats!

Happy Anniversary....What a great milestone to have reached.

Offering more than 600 specialty fruits vegetables and companion items to supermarkets, restaurants and distributors, Frieda's is continuously seeking new foods to entertain palates and inspire dishes.

In 1962 Frieda Caplan founded Produce Specialties, Inc., the first woman-owned and operated wholesale produce business in the United States. Frieda, whose infant daughter (Karen) was still nursing, began the business from a small stand at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market.

Within two years, Frieda gained international recognition for being the first to import the "Chinese Gooseberry" from New Zealand, renaming it the Kiwifruit, after the country's fuzzy flightless bird. Thanks to Frieda, the Kiwifruit is transformed from a rare specialty fruit, to a well-known and loved household commodity.

Frieda's has continue to evolve and succeed in the very competitive Exotic Fruits and Gourmet Vegetables Market.

I was excited to see the wide selection of products offered on Frieda's Website.  You can shop directly from Frieda's and have your high quality items shipped right to your door.

Frieda's was kind to provided me with four items they selected from the numerous they carry online to review.

Dried Cranberries......Dried Oyster Mushroom......White Pearl Onions........French Style Crepes....

I was pleasantly surprised at the purity of the White Pearl Onions.  They were at the peak of freshness.  They were beautifully unblemished and so white and crisp.  Did you for optimum shelf life, store at 32 degrees and away form all light for up to 4 weeks.  That is not a problem at our house.  I must confess...I am a HUGE ONION fan.  I hogged all of them and ate them pealed and raw.  They were delicious...very mild and slightly sweet. 

The Dried Cranberries were so soft, moist and chewy all in one little power packed bite.  They had a nice tang but still sweet.  A perfect and healthy snack on the go.  I would love to buy some more of Frieda's Dried Cranberries to make my Cranberry Hootie creek cookies...I know these were be perfect for my recipe.  For optimum shelf life, store at 55 to 60 degrees or up to 6 months.

I had no idea that a person could buy Fresh French Style Crepes in ready to eat form.  I was concerned how they were going to come out of the package where Crepes are typically very fragile and paper thin.  Well someone at Frieda's has mastered this challenging process.

Each crepe was easy to remove from the re-seal able bag, as they were separated with thin pieces of plastic.  The plastic helped to keep the crepe from tearing while adding ingredients on to it and rolling them up to enjoy.

The possibilities are endless on what you can add to a fruits, peanut butter, seafood, meats, veggies, etc....  You can even heat in the microwave for 20 seconds after covering with a moist paper towel. 

I LOVED eating my crepe with a new Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese was so decadent and the sweetness of the crepe was so complimentary. 

I am still waiting to use the Dried Oyster Mushrooms.  I know they will be the perfect addition to my  homemade pasta sauce.  And all I will have to do is reconstitute them in very hot water for 20 to 30 minutes.

Well Frieda's Best of Luck in your next 50 years!  There is no doubt in my mind you will continue to succeed.

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Disclaimer: Frieda's provided me with a free
samples of these products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or
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