Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st Happy List for 2011

Wow - it is time to write my first Happy List of 2011.  There are so many things I am Happy and Thankful for this it is going to be hard to just select a few...but here it goes....

The top of my list is I love Christmas - but I am EXCITED the Christmas tree is finally put away - (as of a few hours ago!!!)  Now there is more room for my boys to play.

I am Thrilled to be hosting my second giveaway on my blog site.  Don't miss out - it ends tonight (01-08-11 at Midnight MST).  So check it out for your chance to win a pair of AZbeadgirl Lucite Flower Earrings.

Let's see the last Happy List item for the week would be my flight to LA is officially booked - thanks to Coffee-mate Brew Crew!!!  I still can't believe I am one of the lucky 10 selected for this Trip of a Lifetime.  Less than two weeks and I will be in Sunny LA.  Wow!  I can't believe I just typed that and it's about me! 

So I know what my Happy List is going to be about in a few weeks - a HUGE recap of this awesome trip with my husband (yes, just with my husband - no children along- I am going to be soo lost without them, but what a great opportunity ) -thanks to Coffeemate.


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  1. A trip to LA sounds awesome; what a great thing to win!


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