Thursday, November 18, 2010

I pray I am 1 of the 10 selected for the Fan Appreciation Day Event with Coffee-mate / Become a Brew Crew Member

I am a proud Brew Crew Member for all of those who haven't noted that from some of my other blog postings.  You ask what a Brew Crew Member is?  Well...The COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew is a group of influential adults who use COFFEE-MATE to enhance and personalize their coffee experience. Brew Crew members participate in fun online activities, get the freshest info on exciting new COFFEE-MATE flavors and products, and share their love for COFFEE-MATE with family, friends, and co-workers. As a member of the Brew Crew community, you are an advocate of the COFFEE-MATE brand and have the opportunity to share your opinions on COFFEE-MATE products, promotions and marketing programs.

What members of the COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew Do

•Help spread the word about COFFEE-MATE by hosting creative sampling events and completing other online and offline activities to support COFFEE-MATE marketing initiatives.

•Tell Nestle what they think about the COFFEE-MATE brand and its marketing programs

•Interact with a community of adults who share an appreciation for the many flavors and velvety taste of COFFEE-MATE

If anyone is interested in possibly becoming a member - check out the link below and apply today

Since I am a Brew Crew Member - Coffee-mate just posted a great new activity and opportunity.  Here is more about it:

"Your participation in the Brew Crew has made a real impact! We would like to thank you for your contribution to COFFEE-MATE and excellence as a Brew Crew member by providing you with the possibility of flying you out to the NESTLE COFFEE-MATE corporate office for a member appreciation event! The trip includes one round-trip coach airfare, one complete day of activities with the Coffee-mate brand team, and a two-night standard hotel stay in Los Angeles, California!

Ten lucky Brew Crew members will be selected to participate in this wonderful day of rewarding fun at the NESTLE corporate office—and you have the opportunity to be one of them!

If selected, you will have the chance to-

•Meet the brand team behind COFFEE-MATE’s amazing products

•Participate in vital research that may shape the future of COFFEE-MATE product offerings

•Allow your taste buds to explore the entire COFFEE-MATE flavor roster

The event will take place all day on Friday, January 21st, 2011.
If  this sounds like something you might enjoy, apply to join us!"

Well I definitely took the time to apply for such a privilege and honor.  Coffee-mate is the best!!!

My submission is below:
I love Coffee-mate and have for years and years. I love to promote the use of coffee-mate by other through my personal blog , through facebook and twitter, along with talking with people I meet and hosting Coffee-mate get-togethers. It is amazing how many people I have been able to touch with the Coffee-mate message.
It is so hard to chose which one aspect I would like the best -but I think it would be the opportunity to participate in the vital research with Coffee-mate. I love making a difference every day and this would be an awesome way to accomplish that! Wow it would be such an honor for my opinion to possibly make a difference with such a fantastic product! Plus, I would to meet Rachael. I have had many contacts with her and they have all been very positive - it would be awesome to meet her in person.

I participate as much as I can on the Brew Crew Site. That has included my blog submittal being selected to be on the website, completing activities, being active on the message board, submitting recipes on the cooking with coffeemate, and hosting coffee-mate parties - which have been awesome!!! I love being a Brew Crew member and believe I deserve to be selected to make the huge trip from a small community in the Panhandle of Nebraska to the HUGE city of LA.

So what does everyone think of my submission?  Should I be one of the LUCKY 10 chosen??

And one last question - What is your favorite flavor of Coffee-mate?  My is currently Gingerbread!!


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