Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Happy List

Well another week has went by - and I still have more Christmas baking to do - But I have made plenty more treats during this past week!  My Christmas goodies bags are going to be awesome this year.

I am excited to say I was able to return to light duty at work this week.  I get to sit at my desk and type reports - Hey, but I am not complaining - at least I don't have to go on FMLA again this year!  Thank God for that.

If it was only the Glamorous at my desk!!!
The 1st Swap I have every participated in is going awesome.  I love my Swap Partner Evelyn . She is the coolest.  And I already mailed my package out to her on Friday!!!  I am so excited - I hope Evelyn likes it as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!

A Childhood candy favorite of mine was and still it Twin Bings!!!
I contacted Palmer Candy Company this week to see if they sold seconds!  They do! They do! They do!  I am now on the waiting list and as soon as they get some in they will be mailing me out a 5 pound box for 11.95 + shipping.  What deal!  I am so excite - now I just have to be patient for them to arrive.

The last thing is I received an awesome FedEx package today.  It was from - I won a twitter contest they were having over Thanksgiving. 
An avocado Slicer and this awesome dual ended small spatula.  The spatula made by Chef'n is my new favorite Kitchen tool.  I used it so much in the kitchen today with my holiday baking!  It is the most beautiful color of Eggplant and heat resistant up to 650 degrees! 
What is your happy list for the week?


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog & leaving such a sweet comment!
    You got a great swap partner, Evelyn is such a sweetheart. I didn't do the 12 days swap, now I am sad I didn't.
    Twin Bings huh... Hmmmm they look interesting. I guess anything pink has to be good though right??? :)
    Love the new kitchen goodies... I love getting new stuff for the kitchen. Isn't it amazing how much women, especially moms enjoy getting kitchen stuff.

  2. I love kitchen stuff! I love the spatula!

  3. Aww shucks! Thanks! I am so dang excited to get the package! I have been working on yours too. SOmetimes I am not sure what's more fun...the shopping or the receiving. :)

    Never heard of Twin Bings...hmm..Have you ever heard of Idaho Spuds? They are kind of a novelty candy out here.

  4. Twin Bings are awesome if you like Peanuts and Cherries. Okay now you have me working Evelyn - What is an Idaho Spud?

  5. I haven't started my baking either!

    Congrats on the giveaway, I love new kitchen stuff :)

  6. Swapping is so much fun. I haven't done 1 in a while, cause I don't have the $. I hope to do a few next year.


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