Saturday, October 9, 2010

Have you heard of Pear's Gourmet?

There was no question what I would be blogging about today.  I just wanted to share this great company with everyone who will listen.  They are called Pear's Gourmet.  I suppose you are wondering how I found out about them.  Well my husband is originally from Omaha, Ne and we now live in the Panhandle of NE and he dearly missed their wonderful coffee.  Years ago, I found Pear's Gourmet on the web at .  And I have been a faithful fan every since.   They have been around since 1915!  They obviously are doing something right!

I love their coffee and being a Decaf drinker - they have a great selection, including flavored coffees.  They offer a lot more than just coffee.  I love there snacking nuts and mixes and there baking nuts are the best.  Every Christmas I order a wonderful mixed nut tray that comes out at Christmas Eve for the family to enjoy.  It has become a tradition and is looked forward to by all.

I love following them on facebook - they are listed under Pear's Gourmet - I have been enjoying there wall.  I just recently learned from facebook that they were supporting The Race for the Cure in Omaha - they were giving away wonderful pink colored packages of trial size Morning Blend Coffee.  I wish I could have attended.  I also learned they offer Maggie's Gourmet Popcorn for sale on their website.  They talked about a new delicious flavor of popcorn just hitting the market called - Cajun Cheddar made with Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I sounded so delicious - and I posted that on Facebook.

Pear's Gourmet was so kind they contacted me and sent me a surprise care package!  It had a bag of the wonderfully Spicy popcorn and two of the trial size Morning Blend Coffee!  They are so wonderful and take care of there customers.

Go ahead and give Pears Gourmet a try!  They have Gourmet products and budget prices.  If you order 3 items - shipping is only $3.  That is amazing.  And if you go online just on Sunday 10-10-10 - they are having a special  - over $25.00 and get shipping for 10 cents.  Yes I said 10 cents!  You can sign up for a great giveaway directly on their website - look for the "enter and win" tab on the left side of there website.

Let me know what you think of this great company.  Who knows may be next time I order I can set something up so I can give a Pears Gourmet Freebie item away?  What one item would you want the giveaway to include???


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