Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grocery store savings and coupons with Frugal Dad

I can't imagine how my life and the life of my family would be without using coupons and grocery store savings.  It sends shivers down my spine!! 
We would go without so much if I stopped searching for the best bargains.  Have you ever really thought about how much you do or could save if you started couponing today?  I know from personal experience, I can easily save $20 or more a week...yes in just one week.  So $20 a week x 52 weeks in a year = $1040!  Wow, to look at the saving on paper is huge and I do not consider myself an extreme couponer.

I truly enjoy sitting down weekly and checking out the ads to see if I can coordinate any of my coupons to get a product for little to no money.  I am able to purchase items, that without coupons I would not have the ability.  My children are even frugal.  I believe in teaching them young.  They will ask when we are shopping if something is on sale.  If we have a coupon and how much money did we save.  I am so proud of my boys.  I know these important life lessons in being thankful for what you have and getting creative to keep a family functioning on a limited budget will make them a well rounded adult.

I keep my children interested and active in our money saving quest, by letting them assist in clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or ones printed online.  After they are done clipping they know how to sort all of them into piles for what type of product the coupon is for.  Boy, this helps keep me more organized and saves a huge amount of time.  Time which can be spent getting other household chores done.

One of the biggest questions I receive from others who are interested in starting to find grocery store savings and coupons, is how do I find them?  Because if you can't find them, how do you save all the money?

One of my answers to this simple question is This easy to navigate website features insights on coupons, career and money.  I love the wide variety of money saving tips, coupons, codes and even scholarships which are featured.  Have you ever visited this site?  I would love to know what you thought of it? is just starting to branch into the grocery store savings and coupons arena.  I can't wait to see how this feature is going to blossom.  I know I will continue to check in and follow the progress.        


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