Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puppies vs. Babies Online. Vote today!

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Have you ever heard of the Online version of Puppies vs. Babies?

Okay first of all, we all know that Puppies and Babies (most of the time) are so cute, cuddly and adorable.  But have you ever really thought about which one is cuter?

I totally understand how it can be a very difficult choice.  I am a proud mother of 3 young boys and 2 rescue dogs.  But let me tell you some days…with just attitude along, my puppies win hands down!  But then there are the days where my loving puppies can do no good….like digging holes in the backyard, drinking out of the toilet and barking at every little thing.


I remember one time when my boys were just being boys.  They got into the sprinkler, which of course led to the patch of yard that grass does not grow.  Which lead to a HUGE mud hole and three very, very muddy boys.  I couldn’t help myself and laugh…they were so cute.

One of my family’s favorite shows is Puppies vs. Babies.  It is so cute and enjoyable to watch.  The best part is now Puppies vs. Babies online contest is in its voting stage.  You have got to head over and check out the site.

But don’t just check it out.  You need to vote for your favorite….Babies or Puppies.  My vote is for Raven…she is so sweet and adorable.  I just want to squeeze her and hold her tight.  What a sweetheart.  Who are you going to vote for!  Don’t miss out as your vote will help someone or animal will $5,000!

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