Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Santa's Hideout Free Way to Make Holiday Gifting Magical

I have to share a new amazing find that is FREE to help you plan for the holidays.

I know from many years of personal experience how stressful the holidays can get, especially when it comes to gift giving.  You are always trying to keep track of everything (who wants what, what you have already purchased, who may have also purchased that item for that person, etc...) and find something that will make Christmas memorable for each and every loved one. 

Here is what can help with all of those Holiday worries and so much more....

Santa's Hideout is a new and exciting FREE online experience to help make holiday gifting magical for the Whole Family!  Plus it makes planning for you and I so much easier.

Santa's Hideout lets children securely make their lists for "Santa".

Then parents, friends and family can shop and share from their lists easily.  Parents can track purchases and send special messages of encouragement form the the "big guy in red" and so, so much more!

Don't worry Santa's Hideout is set up with easy to use features... like the registration.

In two very easy steps...so you can create your lists and give Santa some ground rules :)

You can be Santa's Big Helper by adding items to the recipients list and once there are items added you are ready.

Share individual items or an entire list with family and friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+.  Bet you never thought Santa could be this high tech and with the times.

Start tracking your online purchases or track your gifting through your account.  Receiving email ALERTS when there are updates made to the list by the recipient, friend or relative.

Don't worry, as I know we are all busy and constantly on the run during the Holidays...Santa's Hideout lists are optimized for mobile.  BEST part is as a Mom I am in control!  I can make changes to Lists, add or delete items and avoid doubles.

Create your FREE account today at Santashideout.com.

My favorite part about Santa's Hideout is it really takes the guess work out of holiday shopping by creating a Safe, One-Stop, Parent Controlled, Magical environment that is easy to use.  I love shopping on Amazon.com and Santa's Hideout makes my online shopping a joy as it relates over to my Lists. 

And another thing being a Mom I appreciate the fact I can control the access to the Lists I have created. I have the ability to set limits to help keep the Holiday budget a even show what items can and can't be shown.

And if you really feel creative, you can send messages as "Santa".  Santa can asked loved ones to create a list, complete a chore for a Christmas bonus, the possibilities are endless. 

Santa's Hideout is on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.  Don't forget to Add Santas Hideaway on Google +.

Thank you to all the Elves at Santa's Hideaway for making the Holiday's less stressful.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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