Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marcal Small Steps Premium Recycled Toilet Paper / Paper Towels Review. Sign up for Free Promotions Today

How many of you get stuck in a rut, and continue to use the same brand of products, just because that is all you have ever used?

How many of you really care about the environment, but sometimes find environmentally friendly products to be much more expensive and sometimes not that good?

Do you realize that environmentally friendly products are continually improving and their cost is coming down.  The more people try environmentally friendly products and realize they are great and affordable...the more the cost will continue to go down.  And best of all... the more we are able to help out our great planet, Earth. 

I recently found an environmentally friendly company, that I have never heard of before.  I am surprised I have never heard of them because they have been around since 1950.  I was busy tweeting one day and saw a tweet from a company called Marcal Small Steps @Marcalsmallstep.

I was curious of their name..."The name Small Steps® signifies the small and easy steps toward making a difference in the world that you can make by using these recycled paper products."  How cool is that and their products are affordable?

I was so excited by Marcal Small Steps product line I had to know more.  I was privileged, Marcal Small Steps send me out some of their new and improved Marcal Small Steps Toilet Paper and Paper towels.

Too be honest I was skeptical when I saw the notation on the packaging of toilet paper. "Now Softer!".  I mean really how "Soft" can 100% Premium Recycled paper be?

I now feel so guilty about even having that question in my mind.  Marcal Small Steps has earned the right in my book to use the words "Premium".  There is no doubt that is what this toilet paper is...Premium!

I decided to not tell my family about it and just switch from our name brand toilet paper and see what they thought.  Well, they didn't even notice I made the switch to Marcal Small Steps New and Improved Toilet Paper.  That is saying A my family is always on a toilet paper quest to find the strongest, but softest toilet paper for their "delicate" tushes.

The actual first person to notice the toilet paper was different...and the only reason they noticed was because of the very cute design on it,
was my five year old son.  This is going to be our new toilet paper and I am not just saying that because they sent me free toilet paper to try. 

The Marcal Small Steps Paper towels were amazing strong.  The roll seemed to last longer than our normal brand, I think because we didn't have to use as many.  Which by not using as many, it means we save more money.

Marcal is proud to announce their SOFTER 2 Ply Bath Tissue and Towels that are STRONGER When Wet!!  I know that sounds impossible, but it is true.  I can say that from personal experience.

In fact, if every US family switched just one of their paper purchases to Marcal® Small Steps®, together we could Save 1 Million trees!

You Can Make A Difference!!!

Love coupons and promotionsMarcal can help you save green in more ways than one; sign up to find out more on their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook.

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