Friday, February 18, 2011

Blair Candy Company is after my sweet tooth with thier new Custom Candybar Box

I have been and continue to be a huge fan and frequent purchaser of tasty candy treats from Blair  I love to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Blair Candy
Recently I learned on Facebook that Blair Candy started carrying a new way to create a huge candy assortment for a great price.  It is called the Custom Candybar Box.  Being a candy addict I had to check out this new product and I am so glad I did (and so is my husband and boys).

Do I have you wanting to know more?....  The Blair Candy site makes this purchase for the Custom Candybar Box so easy to order and customize to your candy liking.  Believe it or not... There are OVER 130 choices you can add to your 24 piece Custom Candy Bar Box for only $21.95.  What an excellent price for such a personalized selection of candy.  The have news kinds of candy and old time, hard to find favorites as well.

I love the fact that I am easily able to please my entire family with a Custom Candybar Box. Oh have a mentioned what excellent customer service and fast professional shipping this company maintains.

Okay, Yes...I did give in and personally purchase my own Custom Candybar Box.  We have had the box for one week today and the candy continues to dwindle :( . I have just been leaving the Custom Candybar Box on the counter since it has such fun packaging.

Check out what I had Blair Candy add to my Custom Candybar Box.

What types of candy will you add to your Custom Box?

By the way if you follow Blair Candy on Facebook you can sign up for Great Giveaways and you can subscribe so you are notified of any sales - which seem to help frequently, so you can get your candy fix at better price.

Thank you Blair Candy for taking such great care of your customers and offering an ever expanding variety of candies and tasty treats!  Three Thumbs Up!!


  1. I SO don't need another source to wreck my diet, but I love that you can get so many different cadies for less than $1 a piece! I may have to check them out, diet...schmiet!


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