Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bingo's Big Adventure Book Review

I was lucky enough to be asked again by to review a new book they are carrying on their fantastic website.   It is called Bingo's Big Adventure, A Cat's Tale by Julia King .

As soon as the package arrived from Pamondon, my young boys were asking about the new book we received.  They wanted me to sit down right away and read it to them.  My two year old son started saying "Kitty" right away when he saw the cover of the book.  His excitement increased when we arrived on the pages with the large rooster. 

My five year old son asked many questions as we progressed through the book.  He enjoyed the photos throughout the book and seemed to follow the story, but many times needed the story line explained to him as the wording was a bit confusing (or should I say above his comprehension level).  But the book itself held his attention to the end.  His favorite phrase from the book was, "I am Bingo, the Mighty Adventurer!"

The photos in the book were the best.  They were so brilliant, colorful, and taken in a manner that the animals and background came to life.  I love the fact that the animals in the story, are actually "real" rescued animals (there is a nice explanation at the end of the book).

The story was told from the cat, Bingo directly to the reader.  Bingo explains everything he is feeling and experiencing as he progresses through the day.  The main problem I had with this book was the verbiage seemed very advanced for a young child.  My six year old son wasn't even interested in the book.  As an adult, I felt like I was right there with Bingo during the day...experiencing how the dry plant leaves felt and tasted to the way he felt about the rooster.  I just wish the book would have been writing with more simple words so children and relate to the story of Bingo better.

For those of you who have never hear of .  They are an excellent company that cares about their customers.  They have everyday low prices and any order over the price of $25 ships FREE!  Before going to for your book needs, check out Pamondon and see how they compare. 

As Pamondon's website states - "we are happy to provide parents, children, and children's book lovers tens of thousands of books available online at discounted pricing. We know that books play a large part in children's lives, and it's exciting to be a part of enriching their lives. We have books that are entertaining and fun for kids, as well as educational and informative.  Whether you are looking for a book to read to a child as a bedtime story, a book to serve as a learning tool, or a book to offer as a gift, you can find great options on our site. You can peruse a variety of books by searching by age, category, title, or author.  We have a genuine and committed team of people ready to serve you and to ensure that all goes well with your order and your overall online experience at"


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